Walnut Central Orthodontics: What To Do With Old Invisalign Trays

Dallas, Texas based Walnut Central Orthodontics is reaching out to the wider community to share their new post: "What Should I Do With All Of My Old Invisalign Trays?" The orthodontist serves the residents of Highland Park, Lake Highlands, Park Cities, Richardson, University Park, Uptown and other suburbs and is one of the highest volume Invisalign providers in the region.

James C., a representative for Walnut Central Orthodontics, says, “When you are undergoing Invisalign treatment, you will be wearing a pair of transparent retainers that will eventually change the positioning of your teeth to straighten them. As your teeth move, you will be provided new gradually altered aligners to continue helping your teeth to shift in the right direction. Most patients who are doing Invisalign treatments receive new aligners every few weeks for the duration of their treatment. This, of course, means that you end up with a growing number of used clear aligners. Which leads to the question of what exactly you are supposed to do with them.”

In their blog post, Walnut Central Orthodontics explains that holding on to the old trays is the recommended course of action. Keeping all of the old aligners until the patient has completely finished with their orthodontic treatment is helpful to the orthodontist in a number of ways. For starters, if there is a dental movement that was not completed and they have to go back and make an adjustment, it is always easier to use an existing tray as long as it fits. Keeping the old trays also makes it easier for the specialist to monitor the patient’s progress.

While individual orthodontists may have different instructions as to what to do with aligners once the Invisalign therapy is over, many specialists would encourage their patients to hold on to the last few aligners in case something goes awry, like losing or breaking the retainers. If the patient has any issues with their new trays, or if the specialist wishes to review the results of the treatment to see whether it needs to be modified, the last tray aligner can be very helpful.

According to the blog post, some people like to keep their first and last aligners as it gives them tangible proof of the progress they have made in their orthodontic treatment. However, holding on to all of the trays that they used is unrealistic. In this case, most orthodontists will be happy to take them off their patients' hands to properly dispose of them.

Walnut Central Orthodontics also notes that while Invisalign trays are made of plastic, they are not really recyclable for two reasons. The first is that they are made up of a blend of different plastics, specifically a multilayer polymer, making them impossible to separate. The second is that they are officially classified as medical waste. This means that no matter how green-conscious one might be, recycling Invisalign trays is not recommended at all. The full blog post with more information, along with other informative blog posts can be found at Walnut Central Orthodontics’ website.

The services provided by Walnut Central Orthodontics has earned them a sterling reputation, as reflected in their perfect 5-Star rating on the Google platform (from over 220 reviews). In a recent review, K. Lily Ozmun writes, “I love how easy-going and helpful everyone at WCO has always been. I can always get an appointment that suits my schedule. The treatment has been wonderful, caring, and friendly. I'm done with treatment, but had to go back to repair my permanent retainer. It was free of charge as they guaranteed it for the first year. I either didn't recall that or didn't know, whatever the case it is a nice surprise to have a guarantee and no out of pocket costs. FYI, Abel is the best if you need a permanent retainer! Even my dentist and dentist assistant complimented his work!”

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