Walnut Central Orthodontics Highlights Community Contributions In New Article

Dallas, TX-based Walnut Central Orthodontics recently published an article titled ‘Dallas ISD Mom Raising Funds For Scholarships By Collecting Shoes.’ The article talks about Bellinda Williams, who has decided to embark on a 90-day shoe drive with the help of a non-profit organization called Funds2Org.com. If they manage to collect 100 bags of shoes containing 25 pairs of shoes each, the non-profit will donate $3000 to the Skyline High School PTSA for college scholarship.

As an article from NBC DFW (published on the 9th of November) states, “COVID-19 has forced the school to get creative on ways to fundraise, simply because they can’t gather in large groups. Skyline High School is still collecting shoes for the fundraiser. If you would like to donate, text 214-538-1090 before dropping off donations at the school.”

The collected shoes are also going to a charitable cause. They are being sent to places like Haiti where they will be given to businesses that can then sell the shoes and make money. Those with unused or used — but decent — pairs of shoes lying around are encouraged to consider donating to the cause to help both underprivileged kids in Haiti and aspiring college students in Dallas. Read more about the fundraising campaign in Walnut Central’s new article.

Walnut Central Orthodontics wishes the fundraising campaign great success and hopes to see aspiring college students achieve their goals. The clinic is one of the most popular orthodontic offices in Dallas, and they make it a point to remain in touch with their community at all times as they believe this is an important component of their work. The dental office specializes in braces and Invisalign.

“Dr. Kanabar & Dr. Choi will immediately place you at ease as they listen to your concerns and help you achieve the best smile possible,” says the dental clinic. “They are very personable and will spend the time listening to you and your concerns to help you achieve the best smile you can achieve. If you have been told you are not a candidate for Invisalign, please call us for a second opinion. If you are not sure of your or your child's treatment plan, call us for another opinion as everyone has a different approach to a successful result. Our orthodontic treatments are known by industry peers to be quite conservative, especially in treating Phase 1 cases for children under 12. Again, consultations and X-rays are complimentary.”

Dr. Kanabar and Dr. Choi usually recommend one of two main treatment options, based on the patient’s needs and personal preferences. Invisalign is one of the options available at Walnut Central Orthodontics and involves the use of virtually invisible and completely removable teeth straighteners that allow the wearer to eat whatever they want and still be able to clean both their teeth and Invisalign easily. One can also opt for Empower Brackets, a set of self-ligating braces that have a lower profile and make use of unique technology to give the wearer results faster while also offering greater comfort. The doctors can also provide standard braces.

The dental clinic has received a large number of excellent 5-Star reviews from pleased patients. “Before starting treatment here, I had looked up a couple of places to go,” says one such review from a patient named Emil. “I was leaning towards Walnut Central Orthodontics, but wanted to make my decision after going to their free consultation. Now it's been several months since I started my Invisalign treatment here, and I'm very glad I went with this location. I have seen both Dr. Kanabar and Dr. Choi, who I think are very professional at their work while also super courteous. The rest of their staff is also very polite and makes sure you are comfortable during your visits. I only had one issue in the beginning of my treatment, and they were able to correct it within a reasonable amount of time, and I have had no problems since — only improvement with my teeth. I would definitely recommend them for any of your orthodontist needs. Can't wait to finish up my treatment and see my final results. Thanks, Walnut Central Orthodontics!”

For more information on the Dallas orthodontist, visit their website. The clinic’s office can also be reached if patients wish to schedule an appointment in the near future.


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