Walk-In Lemon Law Consultancy With An Expert Lemon Law Attorney, San Diego CA

San Diego, CA – July 13, 2021: Julian McMillan, an Expert Lemon Law Attorney in San Diego CA, will host his next 9-5 Walk-In event on the 16th of July for a lemon law consultancy at no charge at the McMillan Law Group office.

People who are interested can walk in anytime between 9 am to 5 pm for a free open consultation with the experienced lemon law lawyer Julian McMillan at location McMillan Law Group, 4655 Cass St, San Diego, CA 92109, United States. +1 619-795-9430

Lemon Law Attorney San Diego

“I’m holding this all-day, free, walk-in consultancy to help car buyers understand their rights as a consumer. That they are perfectly eligible to get most of their investment back for an automobile that turns out to be defective. We’re living in an age where capitalism and profits are the driving force behind companies and sadly the majority of sellers will not share what you are entitled to when you report issues with your new purchase to them. I’m here to help people learn, understand and get back their hard-earned money from these ruthless businesses. There’s even a lemon law calculator I put out on my site just recently that will tell you exactly how much you are entitled to get back, by simply inputting a few numbers into the calculator,” said Julian McMillan at the McMillan Law Group.

The California Lemon Law is in place to protect consumers from car dealers who refuse to stand by their vehicles. If a customer isn't getting the quality service they deserve, then it's time for them or someone else that knows about this law to seek legal help as soon as possible.

People who can’t make it to the event may book a one-on-one consultancy session with Julian McMillan at McMillanLawGroup.com on any other date available.

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