Waldo Implement Launches A New Division Of Old Hickory Buildings & Custom Storage Sheds

Old Hickory Storage Shed by Waldo ImplementWaldo Implements is pleased to announce that it has launched a new divisionn called Old Hickory Buildings by Waldo Implement. It's a division that will give its customers many options when it comes to ordering custom and pre-built sheds or portable buildings. Those that visit their Waldo, Wisconsin store in person will also be able to select from the large variety of Old Hickory Buildings choices that they have on display from their current inventory. Becoming an Old Hickory Buildings authorized dealer is an example of the excellent choices this company has made which has helped them grow from a small specialty shop back in 1982 to a trusted Wisconsin name for agricultural, landscape, and recreational equipment.

Shoppers looking for new sheds that better fit their needs will also be able to use Old Hickory Buildings 3D shed builder to create a completely customized shed for themselves. This is a great way for them to get the exact type of shed they want. The company spokesperson, Leanne Schmid, added that their 3D shed builder can be accessed by anyone who visits their website. She says, "Customers will be amazed at all of the choices that they have to custom design the storage shed of their dreams."

The company spokesperson stated that to design a custom shed, you will first choose between 6 building types. This includes barns, lofted barns, metal sheds, and utility sheds. Further, there are a number of different customizable options that are found. Among these choices are the type of roofing, flooring, wall height, building length and width, and even the number of windows and doors. Not only can a customer choose from many customizable shed options, but they can also see a complete 3D rendering of what their storage shed will look like. According to Schmid, another unique aspect of the 3D shed builder is that it will also give the user an approximate price of what they can expect to pay for their new custom storage shed. That will allow users to add or subtract features until their newly designed shed falls within their anticipated budget range.

The company spokesperson says that one of the reasons that they like being an authorized dealer for Old Hickory Buildings is because of their ingenuity and creativeness. Their 3D shed builder is a good example of that. It’s part of what has made Old Hickory a leader in the portable storage industry. Pre-built Old Hickory offerings include not only storage sheds but also playhouses, cabins, garages, and even animal shelters. Customers can also rest assured that all of the Old Hickory products are engineer certified. Their pressure-treated wood sheds and buildings even come with a lifetime guarantee against termite damage or fungal decay.

Shoppers that want to get a look at a number of examples of the types of sheds the new Old Hickory Buildings by Waldo Implement division will be offering can do so at their upcoming open house. Schmid said that during the open house they will have several different types of storage sheds and lofted barns on display. The open house will take place at their Waldo location on Saturday, April 17th from 8 am to 2 pm and will include a free brat fry at noon. Patrons will also be able to see the company’s large selection of lawn tractors and other yard maintenance equipment. Those that would like to get more information on the Old Hickory Buildings products that their new division offers, can do so by visiting the company’s website at https://storageshed4me.com/.


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