Waifer Coin, the Only Crypto Backed by a Social Network, the RedWaif Social Media Platform, Is Now Available on Binance Smart Chain

Waifer, a software company, has released the Waifer Coin, which is considered to be one of the hottest opportunities when it comes to altcoins. This is the first time that a social network, which is RedWaif, is combined with crypto and at the same time, it will permit people to purchase physical goods with crypto. Their partnership with Saitama offers a significant development through the elimination of the obstacles of having to use swaps and provides capabilities for direct credit and debit card buying.

Furthermore, GDT will be releasing their wallet and will list the Waifer Coin and will have the same capabilities as the SaitaMask. SaitaMask is a smart wallet from Saitama that offers significant advancements for the cryptocurrency market by offering solutions for the basic problems of decentralized finance (DeFi), thus enabling investors from any level to be capable of controlling their wealth. A common problem for new investors is that they have to follow certain steps just to be able to buy new coins that are still not yet listed in exchanges. This usually demotivates them from starting in DeFi and they are forced to use intermediates or centralized operators (CeFi) where their capabilities are restricted and they are affected by private interests and higher taxes. SaitaMask averts such problems by offering a one stop shop where an investor can connect a payment system of choice and then be able to buy, sell, swap, transfer, and perform any action with any coin without having to exit from the mobile app.

Waifer Coin

The Waifer Coin is a decentralized token on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain that already has a utility, RedWaif.com. The RedWaif Social Media Network is focused on promoting free speech and will never gather information and data to sell to large companies or anyone. It is a decentralized platform that integrates crypto to the buying and selling of physical things on their marketplace with their native currency, which is the Waifer Coin. And people who spend a certain time on the social media platform are also able to earn crypto. Waifer is also currently working on other products and services, such as NFTs and gaming.

Rick Mano, CEO of Waifer, had observed that many cryptocurrencies tend to build their coin over hype and only afterwards come out with a utility. Thus, he wanted to do things differently by coming out with the utility first, which is RedWaif, and then build the crypto coin and the community around the products that are available on the social media network. Meanwhile, Zachariah Vershay, who is the lead developer for Waifer, is a veteran who is passionate about offering a decentralized free speech platform for people all over the world. The RedWaif app can be downloaded on the Google Play Store and will become available soon on the iOS AppStore. With the RedWaif focused on promoting free speech, users can expect this to become a social media site that allows them to express themselves without having to worry about getting silenced.

The Waifer Coin is an auto-staking deflationary token that pays back redistribution to holders, while also supplying liquidity to allow a stable trading environment. It serves as the native token for the Waifer ecosystem where several systems are being developed to allow the production of revenue to support the business and the Waifer Coin simultaneously. One of these systems is the social media platform RedWaif with the goal of taking on Facebook and providing a more crypto-driven utility to its users. For instance, users are able to earn crypto through interaction and by buying or selling products through the marketplace. Because of that, Waifer Coin is not simply a trendy token. In fact, it has recently passed a complete audit by Tech Rate.

Those who are interested in learning more about the Waifer Coin and RedWaif can check out the RedWaif website or their Waifer Coin Twitter Page.


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