Vogue Homes Celebrates 3 Decades This Year

Sydney, Australia - Founded back in 1990, Vogue Homes has grown their company over the years. Vogue Homes was built on hardworking family values throughout generations of Australians. Michael's small and humble construction business completed subdivisions, townhouses/multi-unit dwellings in the residential environment with his passion for industry driving success. The son of a home builder, James saw the potential for greatness in his family business. He completed his builder's licence and began to work as a supervisor while learning about the industry on the job. Upon finishing school, he envisioned big things for Vogue Homes with hard work, dedication & passion.

Kristina Chrissimos, James's sister, joined Vogue Homes to support the family business after his passing. Her passion for delivering excellent service and products is helping her make a name in the industry she didn't even know when working at an office job. She has learned how much of an impact customer care can have on building relationships with clients that are loyal decades later.

Vogue Homes has their Building process. First, customers can visit Vogue Homes display locations and meet their staff to discuss each customer's best possible solution. Vogue Homes ensures that customers find a suitable and affordable house by conducting an initial assessment. No matter what the customer needs, Vogue homes will assess them with no charges at all.

Second, Vogue Homes will formalize the plans and highlight the most important features included in building a home. Vogue Homes will begin their detailed site assessment and order all required documentation to assist in pricing. The design fee is depending on the customer's contract deposit requirements (Custom home, Duplex etc.)

The third process is Pre-Construction-Selections And Building Approvals. Vogue Homes wants to give customers the power of design, with access to an extensive range of inclusions and options. During this process, Vogue will work closely with their customer's interior designer for approval or Complying Development through a Private Certifier.

The fourth process is the construction, and the fifth is the Completion, Handover and Maintenance.


For more information about Vogue Homes, contact the company here:

Vogue Homes
Kristina Chrissimos
02 9607 9554
2/16 Weld St, Prestons NSW 2170, Australia