Vogue Homes: 30-year Structural Guarantee for their Valued Customer

October 2021 (Sydney, NSW) - Vogue Homes has always been committed to providing the best quality homes for its customers. But now, they are taking it one step further with a fantastic offer that their customers don't want to miss. Started last year 31st August 2020, all new home buyers will be covered 30-year Structural Guarantee, giving peace of mind no matter what happens during building or later down the line - this could save thousands on repairs costs if anything goes wrong any point in time. The warranty protects only Structural defects, including foundations systems, concrete or strip footings, load bearing brick work, structural timbers and steel in-wall or roof framing under the Australian Standards and Building Code of Australia.

Their structural guarantee will give the buyers security, knowing that the company will deliver quality workmanship and customer service throughout the home building experience and after. The 30-year structural guarantee is nontransferable to future owners of the house.

There are also exclusions in their structural guarantee. First is Defects due to neglect or misuse. It is essential to know that any defects or structural failure caused by any neglect, misuse or lack of maintenance by the customer will not be covered under this 30-year warranty. It includes upkeep and protection from termites which could cause major damage to the client's home.

Vogue Homes will install and maintain a termite control system during construction under Australian Standard AS 3660.1. After practical completion, the owner's responsibility is to engage a licensed contractor for annual inspection to protect against pesky pests or the risk of having them enter their home unchecked. Next is Defects due to environmental circumstances. Any structural failure due to environmental forces or events such as weather, hail, storms, fire, flood, earthquake and wind are not covered under this warranty. The owner should obtain insurance for their new home to cover any damage. If such an incident occurs, they should contact the insurer immediately so as not to be left in a bad situation with more problems than solutions. The third exclusion is Common causes, weak drainage and leaking plumbing.

Defects and damage to footing systems that arise from abnormal site conditions or changes to the site (other than seasonal changes), such as the effect of tree roots/plant growth, poorly designed landscaping, are not covered under this warranty. Poor surface drainage to the land or leaking pipes in or about the house is not covered under this warranty. Another exclusion is, Minor cracking and fair wear and tear, and the last one is Additions and renovations.

It is important to note that any additions and renovations made to the home after practical completion is not covered under this 30 Year Structural Guarantee. For example, significant landscaping, pools and paint are not covered unless done by Vogue Homes. It is advised that those who want to renovate or add on their new properties should consult with the Vogue Homes team on how they can go about their plans. To make a claim under the 30-year structural guarantee, clients are required to detail their request in writing via email or post to the company's head office.


For more information about Vogue Homes, contact the company here:

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