Vitality Spine and Health Announces Their Name has Recently Changed to Broomfield Spine + Injury

Vitality Spine and Health recently announced that they will now officially be known as Broomfield Spine + Injury. They decided to change their name to one that more accurately reflects who they are and what they offer. It’s all part of this former ‘wellness’ facility’s transition to a chiropractic clinic that is now fully equipped to care for trauma-related injuries. This includes helping managing pain and attempting total recovery for their patients that have suffered personal injuries as a result of auto accidents or work-related mishaps.

Broomfield Spine + Injury

The lead doctor at the clinic, Nicholas Manteris, said that many patients have the impression that like unlike most other types of medical doctors, doctors of chiropractic all operate in the same manner. He added that in reality, chiropractors practice very differently from one another. While MDs have specialties such as those that are called pulmonologists, cardiologists, or general practitioners, chiropractors are much more limited when it comes to defining their area of expertise.

Dr. Manteris added, “When we started our name truly reflected our intention to be a helpful wellness clinic. You could say we were like a general practitioner in the Chiropractic field. Generally, wellness clinics address overall health. This includes spine therapies, nutrition, exercise, etc. for all ages from young children to adults. And this is really great. It was true 'health care' as opposed to what we call health care in this country which should more appropriately be called 'sick care'."

The lead doctor at the clinic went on to say that a series of events occurred with a couple of their patients that led them to change how they practice. These events were centered around the fact that most of their patients were wellness patients that had been injured in car accidents. This resulted in a whole different arena of patient care opening up. They now are set up to better handle ‘medical-legal’ situations and the injuries they treat in this area are acute, not chronic. If these patients do not receive the appropriate care with the correct documentation, they may not be able to obtain the resources they need to fully recover from their injuries. He says that even though an accident may appear to be a small ‘fender bender’, the amount of energy that transfers from one vehicle to another and into the spine of the occupant is huge and often causes more damage than the patient is aware of. Therefore, it takes longer for a patient to heal and also often takes different interventions from several different types of medical providers. This usually includes chiropractic care, physical therapy, pain management, neurology consultations for concussion, and more to get them better. All of this means that a patient must be assessed at a much higher level regarding physical exams, imaging, and other types of testing than does a typical wellness patient. The corresponding documentation must also be performed at a much more thorough level.

Dr. Nicholas Manteris went on to say, “What was just mentioned is best done when the patient is working with a chiropractic facility like ours that fully understands the legal aspects of the care that we provide. We also have the experience and resources to coordinate care with other types of medical providers. Our clinic even has the specialized equipment needed to better treat those who suffer from acute injuries that occurred as a result of an automobile accident or other types of personal injury causing trauma.”

The lead doctor at the clinic continued by stating that most personal injury victims come to their clinic seeking chiropractic help for either acute low back pain, neck pain, or both. He says that many times in these cases nothing is really broken, and very little if anything will be found on imaging to indicate why the patient is in pain. This pain most often results from joints that don’t move properly because they are stuck and inflamed. Dr. Manteris mentioned that when injuries occur that cause damage to the ligaments that support the spine, over time gravity and deconditioning of the related supportive muscles can result in ‘abnormal loading’ of the spinal joints. The pressure from one bone to the next is simply not distributed the way it should be. This can cause excruciating pain and discomfort and may even lead to accelerated degeneration (arthritis) in the area of the spine where an injury has occurred. He noted that regular and targeted chiropractic care is thought to be great for treating these types of painful conditions and assisting an accident victim on their road to full recovery.

For more information on how Broomfield Spine + Injury is now helping treat patients with ‘medical-legal’ situations, they can be contacted by phone, email, or by filling out the form on the ‘contact us’ page of their website.


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