Virtual Twin Technology Gets Set To Take The World By Storm

San Diego, CA based vScenario is reaching out to build awareness of Virtual Twin Technology and the myriad benefits it has to offer in virtually every industry and business. The company also looks forward to discussing this technology’s applications with all those who reach out to them.

A digital twin, as the name may suggest, is built entirely within a digital medium, and it may mirror a real-world product or system in countless ways. This twin, the company says, is much more than a mere 3D representation of the product that remains inert within cyberspace — it is designed to reflect the precise physical properties of its real-world counterpart. This reflection is so precise that its creators can use the virtual model to safely (and quickly) test the effects of numerous factors without placing their product in harm’s way or having to wait extended periods to observe effects that take a long time to occur.

vScenario explains that clients may use this technology at multiple stages of development, relying on a virtual representation of the product (from development and manufacturing to deployment) to accurately test its limits over the entire course of its lifespan. One of the most obvious scenarios in which this can be useful is for products that are designed to endure the test of time. While a company can scarce afford to spend several decades observing the wear and tear a product undergoes, for instance, this predicament is swiftly solved by a virtual twin.

As virtual twins exist entirely in digital space, a nearly endless array of conditions may be applied that accurately reflect their environment and response to physical factors, such as stress. The effect of seasonal changes on a building, for instance, can be accurately calculated over multiple years or more in order to demonstrate the structure’s endurance under these circumstances. This kind of test is virtually impossible to run in the physical world (prior to construction), and businesses usually make long-term predictions based on relatively short term tests. vScenario aims to make these predictions far more accurate via their digital twin technology.

According to vScenario, this technology can be applied to the design, construction, building analysis and scenario training development of a specific place, location or building, effectively allowing clients to identify critical issues before they present themselves in the real world (or, crucially, before a financial investment has been made in a venture that may not be as successful as hoped). In essence, this allows a client to test their product or systems under any potential scenario that may threaten it or otherwise affect its performance. This makes it invaluable as a comprehensive troubleshooting tool that simulates problems before they occur in the real world as well as makes it extraordinarily easy for manufacturers to ascertain the exact point of failure that led to an unwanted event.

The scope of this technology means that it can be applied on multiple scales, from simple household items to vast superstructures with complex machinery and so on to account for. In a video that can be found on their website, Mike Yeager of vScenario uses substations as an example of an environment that would benefit from use of a digital twin. Yeager says, “Substations can be very, very dangerous places. Imagine new hires being able to explore a substation virtually, get acquainted with all the hazards, understand the dangers without actually being in harm's way on a substation. There's some very, very powerful safety and training benefits using these models. And again, there's nothing else to it. Once you have this model, then it's just as easy as putting somebody in there and building a training curriculum around it.”

Those interested in digital twins and learning how this technology can supercharge their operations are welcome to reach out to Joseph Rietman of vScenario to discuss their requirements. The company’s website also offers a great deal of information on the technology and the type of data accumulation it needs to function effectively. vScenario can also be contacted through their social media channels.


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