Virtual Reality Game Created for Forensic DNA Study

Tulsa, OK: Technology is advancing quickly, and all companies need to get into the game. The latest on the trend is the brand new development of a virtual reality experience of DNA Extraction. This technology is like none-other currently available. The University of North (UNT) Texas, Health Science Center and Center for Human Identification (CHI) came to Industrial3D asking for the creation of a virtual training game on the procedures of DNA extraction. For the last year, this project has been in development and is finally available for release.

Industrial3D virtual reality DNA extraction

UNT Health Science Center & CHI, with the National Mission and Unidentified Persons System will greatly benefit from students being able to learn how DNA extraction works – before being in the field, working with important specimens. This will be used by college students going through forensic studies to be used for lawsuits and investigations.

Forensic studies and criminal law degrees are a degree that would greatly benefit studies. The use of a VR and PC Game allows for both in-person classroom and long distance learning playing. The student can take the immersive test, while the game keeps score and it will be sent to management once all the tasks are completed. This allows for hands-on training, test-taking and the ability to pass difficult tasks. The VR game can be seen in a trailer here: (link to be provided)

DNA laboratories for forensic use have dramatically increased their workload of data, demanding the need for more resources – especially in hiriring and training staff. The traditional training method relies on wet laboratory tests and in-house mentoring. Both of these are rather time consuming, costly and labor intensive. Virtual Reality (VR) allows the user to be fully immersed in a simulated environment that mimics the real world training situation – as a fully functional laboratory experience. VR can provide an easily accessible option to laboratory training.

Due to the high increase in the useof VR software and headsets, Industrial3D was able to create an opportunity to grow an otherwise complicated and expensive learning experience. As the first of it’s kind, Industrial3D is honored to offer this sort of training solution for forensic science training. The stage has been set for the future development and increased used of VR modules for an entire suite of methods and skills necessary for DNA and forensic laboratory studies.

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