Virtual Fusions Unveils One-to-One Virtual Meeting Feature with Private Offices to Help Attendees Build Meaningful Connections Online

Virtual Fusions, one of the leading virtual meeting platforms in the market today, recently rolled out a new key feature in their virtual meeting platform, designed for both virtual and hybrid events.

Private One-to-One Virtual Meetings

The Private One-to-One Virtual Meeting feature enables attendees to create customized schedules as per their convenience, and book private meetings with each other during the course of the event. The game-changing part of this feature is that each attendee gets access to their own private virtual office where the meetings take place.

Ben Fatola, CEO & Founder of Virtual Fusions stated that, "Our market research revealed that online audiences were missing a personal connection when collaborating during virtual events. They missed the feeling of someone personally visiting their office and having a face-to-face meeting with them.”

In response to this critical need, Mr. Fatola emphasized, “We wanted to bring the personal touch of tangible meanings to our virtual meeting platform. There’s a certain excitement and spontaneity when someone walks into your office, and the conversation simply unfolds. You can’t really experience that in a private text chat or group chat.”

While many other virtual meetings platforms, including Virtual Fusions, do have features such as private text, messaging, and group chat, they don't compare to the real-life interaction attendees crave and demand.

Attendees also have the freedom to create their meeting schedule and book their meetings prior to the event start time, so they can have a list of scheduled meetings even before the event begins.

Private Virtual Offices

Private Virtual Offices by Virtual Fusions, provides each attendee with their own virtual office space where they can host their one-to-one meetings.

“We’ve created a personal office space, with a realistic look-and-feel, so attendees experience that they are conducting the meeting out of their own personal office,” explained Mr. Fatola.

“Different office themes and designs are available, so attendees can select their own personalized space and make it their own. The idea is to support attendees to connect organically and effortlessly, and build meaningful connections along the way, which can lead to fruitful procurement opportunities and joint ventures. This in turn helps event managers to expand reach and drive ROI.”

Virtual Fusions’ latest Private One-to-One Virtual Meeting and Private Virtual Offices features are unique in the market, as they cater to that genuine need for personal interaction and connection in a virtual setting.

More information on the Virtual Fusions’ Virtual Meeting Platform can be found on their website, along with the option to book a free demo.


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