Virtual Fusions Launches Feature-Rich Customizable Event Surveys Feature for All Event Sessions

Virtual Fusions, one of the leading virtual meeting platforms in the market today, recently rolled out a new event surveys feature in their virtual meeting platform, designed for both virtual and hybrid events.

The company provides virtual meetings and events to companies, helping them save on travel costs by bringing their conferences online.

Now with the launch of this new event surveys feature, they hope to provide more accurate feedback from participants in order to make better decisions about future events.

The event survey is an optional feature that can be turned on or off by the event manager, and is designed to provide a more personal experience for event attendees.

Surveys can be created at any time, and can be customized with different types of fields including, text fields, radio buttons, feedback options, checkboxes and much more. Surveys can also be assigned to specific attendee types or to everyone who attends a session.

The event manager can choose to create a separate survey for each session or a more generalized event survey assigned to one or more sessions.

Ben Fatola, CEO & Founder of Virtual Fusions emphasized, "Virtual Fusions is providing clients with an easy way to gather feedback on any event session. The latest update to our survey feature will help clients with future planning as well as make a better impression on attendees.”

“It will enable organizers to get instant feedback from events without having to manually send out a survey post-event or wait until they receive responses back from participants later that week. Feedback gathered through the platform can be used in future planning by both individual organizers and company executives at all levels,” he added.

With this latest update, the possibilities and options for creating event surveys are endless, and companies can now keep track of what attendees are thinking and feeling about each aspect of the event.

More information on the Virtual Fusions’ Virtual Meeting Platform can be found on their website, along with the option to book a free demo.


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