Virtual Fusions Launches “Discover” Feature to Drive Networking and Maximize Reach as Part of Newly Released Functionalities in Their Virtual Conference Platform

Addressing the need of the hour for improved hybrid and virtual event engagement and networking, Virtual Fusions, one of the key software leaders in the Virtual Conference platform market, released several game-changing features designed for both virtual and hybrid events. Part of this key functionality enables audiences attending offline and online to connect virtually, and build meaningful connections, expanding reach and driving ROI.

Hybrid Events

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For hybrid events, the functionality allows live conferences to be seamlessly streamed across a virtual platform, at scale. A key differentiator of this feature is that the audience, whether attending in-person or virtually, are still able to discover and connect with each other before, during and after an event.

This critical feature unites in-person and virtual attendees, empowering them to search for targeted connections by name, keyword and more, no matter where they are.

By enabling both types of audiences to privately connect during a live conference, it increases engagement, avoids “dead air” which might occur in live streams, and prevents online attendees from feeling less engaged and dropping off.

Virtual Events

For virtual events, it allows attendees to set up appointments and meet with each other in a virtual setting within the virtual conference platform.

It also enables attendees to browse and shortlist virtual exhibitor booths they want to visit beforehand, and connect with booth exhibitors via private or group chat or live video calling, just as if they were meeting face-to-face in person.

A critical benefit of this feature is that private conversations and interactions can still go on during the event, due to which a virtual audience can still feel equally engaged in their interactions, and all attendees feel included and have a shared experience.

The latest 2021 Event Tech Innovation Report cited that “the biggest challenge for planners in virtual events is how to keep attendees engaged.”

In response to this clamouring need, Ben Fatola, CEO & Founder of Virtual Fusions stated that, "while many virtual conference platforms claim that just private text chat, messaging, and group chat might seem the same as networking, they don't compare to the real-life interaction attendees crave and want. Making a meaningful connection with mutual interests, running into an acquaintance from a previous event, finding an unexpected procurement lead at a matchmaker, are the types of networking connections Virtual Fusions helps to create online. We wanted to bring all the excitement and spontaneity of in-person networking to the virtual attendee experience.”

Virtual Fusions’ latest developments are completely unique in enabling organic interactions to occur as well as enabling laser-targeted connections to be created by giving attendees control on searching for targeted connections, and taking an active role on who they want to meet with.

This leads to attendees connecting based on mutual needs and building meaningful connections leading to increased procurement opportunities, joint ventures and partnerships — directly impacting ROI and event success.

More information on the Virtual Fusions’ Virtual Conference Platform can be found on their website, along with the option to book a free demo.


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