Virtual Fusions: A Game-Changing Highly Engaging Hybrid Event Management Platform

Gilbert, Arizona based event management company, Virtual Fusions recently discussed how companies can use the power of hybrid event management to increase their reach and scope. Experts in the development of in-person, online and hybrid event software, Virtual Fusions seeks to help their clients create, run and market their events more effectively.

Ben Fatola, CEO of Virtual Fusions, states that, “Companies really need to consider hybrid event strategy as a core part of their business growth and success. Hybrid events allow you to easily add a virtual component to your live events, so your attendees can actively participate and engage with your event from anywhere, even if they can’t be there in person.”

virtual event management platform

Many people are concerned about how attendee behavior is impacted if the event goes virtual. Some influencing factors that may affect attendee behavior virtually include how the content is delivered, options to view the content after the event, level of engagement during the event and more.

"It’s really important to choose a platform that offers a high-level of attendee engagement, so virtual attendees don’t feel left out. A hybrid event is more that just live streaming your event,” asserts Fatola.

“For example, we’ve built key features into the Virtual Fusions event platform, so that attendees interacting with your event either in-person or online, can still connect with each other before, during and after the event. We’ve seen that this highly elevates event success,” adds Fatola.

Virtual Fusions affirms that their platform empowers their clients to create and run highly engaging hybrid events, in an easy to use, branded and customized interface, making virtual event interaction significantly easier, and more effective, for new adopters.

One of the key advantages that the platform has to offer is that attendees can interact with each other prior to the event and start to build meaningful connections that can lead to joint ventures and procurement opportunities, even before the event has begun.

Attendees can also schedule virtual meetings with each other ahead of time, and shortlist event booths that they want to visit during the event, allowing them to plan an effective strategy in how they want to navigate the event and build targeted connections.

Some of the key benefits and features that the platform offers, includes the ability to: Host keynote sessions, workshops and showcases; Run targeted business matchmaker sessions; Filter exhibitor booths by category; Offer a virtual goodie bag; Allow attendees to buy and sell from each other through a virtual mall; Record sessions to view after the event has concluded; Brand the virtual interface showcasing partners and sponsors; Monitor advanced analytics to measure ROI; ...and much more.

More information on the Virtual Fusions Event Management Platform can be found on their website, along with the option to book a free demo.


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