Viktoria Altman, Owner and Founder of BSP Legal Marketing in New York, Discusses Why Google My Business is Important for Lawyers

New York, NY -- The competition is fierce in the legal industry today. Consequently, attorneys have had to become more adept in the world of business than ever before. A lawyer can have the best legal credentials, have gone to the best law school, and be the most knowledgeable lawyer in their field, but if clients cannot find them in today’s saturated legal field, it can have a negative impact on their business. Unfortunately, according to the American Bar Association’s 2019 Legal Technology Survey Report, only 47 percent of firms maintain a marketing budget.

Viktoria Altman, a law firm marketing specialist and owner and founder of BSP Legal Marketing in New York, knows how competitive the field can be, especially for smaller firms. That is why she is adamant that her clients use one of the most simple yet impactful tools for business owners today: Google My Business.

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“Clients look for lawyers who are geographically close to them. This is important for so many reasons, but especially because of the jurisdiction-centric nature of the law. And for lawyers, it’s important that the right clients find them. As an SEO professional, I can help lawyers attract the right clients through various means, but one of the simplest and most often under-utilized is a Google My Business listing. Google’s business model has always been to make the internet as relevant as possible for its users. Consequently, the Google My Business algorithm pairs local businesses with the people who are most likely to use them. This is why the Google My Business platform is a perfect tool for lawyers who want to attract clients in their own backyard.”

Google reports that nearly 46 percent of all searches are local in their intent. Just like users may be looking for a local restaurant or place to get a haircut, these same users want to find a lawyer in their own geographic area, not only for ease of use but for the legal knowledge and experience in that jurisdiction. A lawyer across town may not have the same intricate knowledge of or access to the court system in another county or area of the city. With Google My Business, searchers are served a small number of choices that pair the user’s location and the business’s location. Consequently, the searcher sees firms that are located in their general vicinity.

“Google My Business pages are so key for local searches. For most Google users, these listings are one of the first things they notice when they search for a service. When correctly optimized, a small firm has just as much exposure to clients on GMB as the huge firms that pay for advertising at the top of the page where there is a sea of competition. As a lawyer, GMB gives you first-page exposure to those clients who are most local to you, with the essential information that they will need to know about your firm, how to contact and find you, and even important reviews from former clients. Because Google allows you to update content on your GMB listing, it can also be continually optimized to ensure that it continues to be seen by the local users that you want to target.”

Having a great website in today’s digital landscape is just part of the equation for lawyers. Being found by the right clients is just as critical. This is when professionals who concentrate on digital law firm marketing are crucial to a firm’s business and can help them use cost-effective tools like Google My Business to get in front of the right clients. To learn more about law firm marketing using a Google my Business listing, read more on this blog post at or contact BSP Legal Marketing at their website.


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