Video One Productions Offers Video Productions Services in Chicago

Video One Productions, a company based in Chicago, IL, is pleased to announce that they are offering Chicago video productions, including video editing, video production, live streaming, and multimedia services. They can provide assistance to a broad range of clients from individuals to businesses and government agencies, and non-profits. After three decades of working with clients on video projects, it can be said that they have produced just about every kind of individual, corporate, and non-profit based video there is. The company is composed of experienced videographers, audio and lighting professionals, and other production crew members that are always ready to shoot when a request comes in. From pre-production to post-production of videos and everything in between, they are a one-stop video production company.

They can work closely with clients from concept to completion, for various kinds of videos, such as corporate videos, even videos, promotional videos, training videos, and more. Corporate videos can be used for various purposes, for instance, to promote branding; train and orient employees; capture company events; and much more.

Possibly the most common type of corporate video is the promotional video since it is designed to increase sales. It is important to remember that the quality of the promotional video influences how people view the company. As such, a promotional video has to be short and entertaining, deliver three to five talk points, and have a strong call to action at the end. The basic steps in creating a promotional video are: pre-production, production, and post-production.

Meanwhile, there are various kinds of event videos that Video One Productions can also help create. These include speakers presentations, galas, news conferences, trade shows, building openings, and other generally unscripted events. And it is important to consider various factors before filming an event video, such as: how the video will be used; how many cameras required for proper coverage and also to get the audience interaction and the presenter; whether the venue has good lighting and audio; and how to select the best production company to film the event.

With regards to corporate training videos, these are necessary to ensure that employees are getting clear and consistent instructions on what they need to do. Whether it is training employees on machinery, teaching new techniques, demonstrating safety procedures, and orienting new employees, the video must be well made in order to keep the viewers’ attention and ensure that the information is absorbed by the viewers.

Video One Productions also offers video editing, which is vital for the success of the video. They can provide different kinds of post-production services, including video editing, animated text, licensed music, motion graphics, and other tools and techniques designed to enhance the video. To ensure quality editing services, the video editing team at Video One Productions are provided with the latest software and hardware. They utilize Adobe’s Premiere Pro editing software that provides them with the capability to edit HD, 4K, and other video with the latest editing tools. The video editors can work independently or collaboratively with clients. Clients can always take part in the video editing sessions. They can also edit the participation of clients through Skype or Zoom. They will then upload the work-in-progress or completed video to get the feedback from the client.

They can also offer help with the creation of live stream video for a ceremony, conference, presentation, or any other kind of event. They can stream to any platform with single or multiple cameras, and include graphics, titling, and other elements to ensure that the video stream will be attractive to viewers.

Founded in 1987, Video One Productions is a multimedia company that is focused on producing and editing HD videos for hundreds of clients in Chicago and nationwide. Their clients include large corporations such as Microsoft, American Express and Oracle, including smaller companies, individuals, government agencies and nonprofits. They believe that no project is too large or small for them to offer the required care and attention ensure success.

Those who are interested in learning more about the services provided by Video One Productions can check out their website, or contact them on the phone or through email.


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