Video One Productions Offers Chicago Video Production, Live Streaming, Video Editing, and Multimedia Services

Video One Productions, a company based in Chicago, IL, has announced that they are offering video production, live streaming, video editing, and multimedia services to a wide range of clients, including businesses, non-profit organizations, and government agencies in Chicago and neighboring areas. These videos can be used for various purposes, such as for promotional purposes, events, corporate events, training, motion graphics, manufacturing videos, tradeshows, interviews, presentations, and more.

One of the specific services offered is corporate promotional videography services that they are offering to businesses in Chicago. These videos can serve a number of purposes, including to promote branding, train and orient employees, capture company events, and many more.

Video one productions

Irwin Myers, President of Video One Productions, says, “Probably the most prevalent form of corporate videography is the promotional video. After all, nothing happens unless a sale is made! Keep in mind that the quality of your promotional video is a direct reflection on the quality of your company. Great video = great company. A promotional video needs to be short and entertaining, convey 3-5 talking points, and have a strong call to action at the end.”

They also produce corporate videos for events that come in all varieties. These include trade shows, galas, speakers’ presentations, building openings, news conferences, and other typically unscripted events. And then there are also the corporate training videos, which Video One Productions can also help create. A training video is essential for businesses to ensure that their employees will get clear and consistent instructions. This is particularly important in ensuring that employees are trained and knowledgeable regarding how to operate machinery properly and safely, for instance.

Video One Productions also provides video editing, which is vital to the success of a video. They are capable of providing a variety of post production services including video editing, transcoding, encoding, motion graphics, DVD authoring, DVD and CD disc duplication and replication, and digitizing. For this, they have an in-house video editing team that do their work in three editing suites. Each suite is provided with the most up-to-date software and hardware for video editing. Clients can choose whether or not to be part of the video editing sessions at the company’s office in Chicago.

For clients who prefer to be in the edit room during the video editing process, they can watch the procedure and then fine-tune any decisions that have to be made on the spot. The video editors at Video One Productions may also work independently as long as the client supplies them with an edit decision list (EDL) that indicates where to make the edits in the material. After the initial edit is done, they will upload the video to Vimeo so that the client can view it online. Clients may then send their feedback to the editing team either verbally or in writing.

Meanwhile, they can also create motion graphics that can be used in various applications, including animated titles, text, logos, illustrations, and more. Motion graphics are often used on news programs, on sports shows, and for training, promotional, and other types of videos that require a bit of spicing up. They can be used to add some emphasis to a certain part of a video. They can also be used to help explain complex ideas by breaking these down into their simple components.

Transcoding is another process that Video One Productions can help with. This is where one video format is converted into another format. In addition, they can also provide digitizing services, which is the process of converting an analog video into a digital file. For instance, the process of converting the old VHS tapes or audio tapes into DVDs or CDs is digitizing. And finally, there is DVD authoring, which is the process where a DVD is converted such that that it can auto-start or it can be made interactive, or it may be provided with a menu.

Those who are interested in Chicago video production services may want to check out the Video One Productions website, or contact them on the telephone, or through email.


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