Video Creation Marketing Expert Takes On New Role At Via Digital Solutions

Sunderland, UK-based Via Digital Solutions is extremely pleased to announce that Gavin Cole has been promoted to Video Manager. Having only been at the company for six months, Cole has already demonstrated a comprehensive understanding of the field and what it takes to create media that exceeds a client’s expectations. In his new capacity as Video Manager, he will assume a role that allows the rest of the team at Via Digital Solutions to benefit from his oversight and experience. Learn more here:

Via Digital Solutions specialises in utilising Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Web Design to get their clients’ projects (and by extension, their businesses) in front of interested audiences. Working on the back of years of research and ongoing study in the field, the company’s SEO services are designed to take their clients’ projects to new heights. In many cases, these projects take the form of Google My Business listings that need greater exposure under the public eye. It is Via Digital Solutions great pleasure to achieve this by creating engaging and attractive content as well as fine-tuning each client’s online presence to draw in potential customers.

Gavin Cole states, “Via Digital Solutions places a high priority on making effective and affordable video marketing services more accessible for entrepreneurs and other visionaries in our community. This means that they need to be able to deliver the outstanding results their clients expect as well as maintain tight control of the way they dedicate their resources in order to ensure a high degree of efficiency. Fortunately, the team at Via Digital Solutions is composed of industry veterans and analysts who know how to keep up with the constantly evolving digital landscape. I am proud to take up more responsibility on the team from now on, and I look forward to helping our clients achieve their goals.”

Video, SEO and website design are fast-moving fields in which today’s strategies may not be applicable in the future. This evolution can occur due to a number of factors, from updates within a search engine’s algorithm to a shift in market trends and what people tend to look for online. Via Digital Solutions approaches this issue by constantly monitoring such changes and building solutions that allow their clients to take advantage of any opportunities that may arise. This also means that the company has to work swiftly to create content that capitalises on these trends.

As the company states on their website, “Having a Video Marketing Strategy is essential in building your brand. With more social media platforms using video as a core element, creating meaningful video content is vital in your marketing campaign. Don’t fall behind your competitors and start utilizing visual content to reach your audience where they spend their time.”

Video marketing, the company explains, can be used to educate the consumer about the product or service in question, even going so far as to share insight about the company and their values. The messages included in a video can be tailored for a specific audience and then directed to them via SEO. Via Digital Solutions asserts that every piece of media they create is tailored to the client’s business, thereby ensuring that they reach the optimal audience for interaction.

An interaction can represent one or more of several possible actions. Social media users, for instance, will be familiar with their favourite platforms giving them the option to React (such as leaving Likes), Bookmark or even Share any content they see on their feeds. While these actions do serve a secondary purpose of allowing the content to reach more people, Via Digital Solutions goal is to turn viewers into consumers — people who will purchase a product or service from their client.

More information can be found on the Via Digital Solutions website, alongside examples of their work. Clients are also welcome to reach out to the company via phone, email to follow up on any further inquiries. Similarly, Via Digital Solutions maintains a presence on multiple social media platforms, and they often share industry insight or glimpses behind-the-scenes with their followers. Find them online at the following link:


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