Veteran Digital Marketing Agency Shares Methods On How To Cultivate And Grow Email Mailing Lists

Sharp Tack Media, a Clackamas digital marketing company recently released a blog post that details what they do to help small and businesses to grow their mailing lists.

The company stated that building an email list can be a daunting task. After all, acquiring and keeping a long list of active and engaged readers requires an effective long-term content and marketing strategy. As expected, not a lot of people are willing to give up their emails without them feeling that it will bring them value, since it is a more personal form of communication. The company saw the need for releasing an article explaining how to utilize the email list to its fullest, seeing as it's one of the most powerful and far-reaching tools for a business to communicate with its audience.

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“People usually only share their emails if the situation demands it, such as in work or in class. Because of this, it demands a specialized approach to earning an audience’s trust in order for them to share their emails. An email marketing strategy is indeed needed for a specialized marketing strategy that overlaps with both the aspects of a marketing strategy and an email list.” Says a company representative when asked about why normal mailing lists just don’t pull in and retain readers. As previously stated, a specialized approach needs to be taken in order for readers to feel like they’re getting value from their emails and not just marketing fluff.

To further reiterate the points stated in the blog, Cody Wise, co-founder of the company, said the following statement, “Even though email content is structured to be an exclusive and personalized form of communication, it doesn’t mean it’s meant to be for your recipient’s eyes and interests only. Structure the content so that it makes people want to share it with their friends, acquaintances, and family members. It’s simple psychology, really.”

The company further went on record to say that “Depending on the situation, people tend to be picky about who they share their emails because they have enough stuff to deal in their inbox from annoying sales pitches, to spam, and possibly even phishing emails.” In order for small businesses, or really any business for that matter, to truly engage their target audiences, they should raise the bar in terms of the exclusivity of the content that they offer in exchange for their audience’s emails, according to another company representative.

As a company representative explains, “One way businesses can keep their audience coming back is by providing exclusive offers such as free physical or digital merchandise, exclusive media content, trial subscriptions, promotional codes, discounts, and even invitations to exclusive events. The cost of doing so naturally depends on the size of a business’ email list. However, there are very few things that can pique their customers’ interest more than receiving free stuff.” The company has a proven track record of true, sustainable email list growth with small businesses by using these methods.

The company’s philosophy also shines through their use of multiple avenues in terms of email marketing. They don’t just rely on a single method or a single layout for their email marketing campaigns. As the company previously stated, the key to list growing success is the ability of a company or a business to consistently create engaging, valuable, and relevant content for their readers on a weekly, sometimes, daily timeframe.

As a bonus, the company has other blog posts that tackle other marketing related topics that aspiring online business owners can read right now. They cater to small and medium businesses that focus on local audiences. To read more blog posts from Sharp Tack Media be sure to visit their blog here:


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