Vertava Health Publishes New Blog With Tips To Avoid Enabling Addiction Over The Holidays

Nashville, TN: With the holiday season approaching quickly, many families are looking forward to safely getting together and finding some semblance of normalcy during this unique year. Although many are looking forward to seeing loved ones during this celebratory time, there are many factors that can dampen enthusiasm during family gatherings that take place at the holidays.

Addiction is a major factor in the lives of many Americans. In turn, addiction not only affects the user, but the family and friends of the user as well. Addiction is a condition that can weaken close family relationships and sow mistrust and misunderstanding amidst these once-strong relationships.

Celebrating during holidays

Gathering with loved ones who have an addiction or are fresh out of rehab can be a challenging task for many families. In fact, holiday gatherings are some of the occasions in which users can experience periods of enabling from family and friends.

Vertava Health, formerly known as Addiction Campuses, has recently published a new blog titled Stop Enabling Over The Holidays: When It’s At An All-Time High that aims to inform their audience about unhelpful practices and ensure that family members and friends can enact better behaviors that do not lead to enabling.

Vertava Health is one of the nation’s leading addiction treatment organizations. With their corporate headquarters in Nashville, they currently have four active campuses for residential treatment across the country in Ohio, Mississippi, Massachusetts, and Texas. Vertava Health offers highly specialized and individualized care to all their patients.

As noted on their website, Vertava Health’s mission is to go beyond a standard 30-day plan of addiction treatment and recovery. Instead, Vertava Health embraces the unique situation and parameters of every individual addiction case to help each patient receive the life-changing recovery that they need. Vertava Health offers a full continuum of care that includes detox, residential treatment, and outpatient programming.

In leading the addiction treatment field, Vertava Health also maintains an up-to-date blog with information about addiction, symptoms and side effects of various drugs, and advice on living a healthier life. Many of their recent blog posts include advice about safe holiday celebrations, gifts for those fresh out of addiction rehab, and the recent advice about avoiding enabling behaviors.

Within the blog’s advice to avoid enabling over the holidays, Vertava Health explains that many actions that are well-intended or meant to be supportive are nice in theory, but in practice, qualify as enabling an addiction and its accompanying harmful behaviors. They first begin by explaining that many enablers, including family members, only have the best intentions. However, enabling actions prevent those with addictions from feeling the full repercussions of their addiction.

Vertava Health’s blog recommends avoiding the customary practice of exchanging gifts or money. The blog cautions that those with serious addictions might use monetary gifts to purchase more drugs of choice or sell Christmas gifts to get more money to sustain a substance use habit. Instead, Vertava recommends offering to directly pay for the loved one’s addiction treatment.

The blog’s other points also include saying no and setting boundaries with a loved one’s addiction. This includes upholding and remaining firm on house rules, and refusing to let rules be bent or broken.

Directly confronting an individual’s addiction by calling it what it is and refusing to look the other direction is also recommended. Vertava cautions that loved ones should recognize that they cannot control someone else, but family can bring attention to the problem and offer to help find treatment and proper support. The blog suggests that an intervention with a professional may be helpful in properly getting ahead of the issue, rather than just ignoring it and hoping the addiction will resolve itself if ignored.

Those who are interested in learning more about helping a loved one confront an addiction and seek proper treatment can contact a qualified counselor through Vertava Health’s website or by calling (844) 485-0417. Individualized treatment and a better future await many at Vertava Health.


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