Vertava Health Of Texas Provides Virtual, Onsite Recovery

Scurry, TX: With more people seeking flexible resources for mental health treatment and substance use recovery, Vertava Health of Texas is positioned for both virtual care and onsite services so clients can achieve recovery through options that fit their needs.

Vertava Health of Texas works with clients’ schedules, so they can experience various levels of care for long-term success. All recovery options provide ongoing support and accountability within its caring, compassionate community to help clients rediscover their self-worth.

According to, nearly one in every four adults with a mental illness also have a substance use disorder. Oftentimes this is because they are unequipped with coping strategies and management solutions for their underlying mental issue, leading them to substance use as an ineffective escape strategy.

Vertava Health employs clinically-proven behavioral, therapeutic, and medication-assisted approaches on its 65-acre campus. Clients can practice recovery skills in an environment that keeps staff’s and clients’ safety and well-being a priority, with full adherence to guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Virtual Health of Texas’ clients choosing virtual care have the same varying levels of care, with accessible and private treatment between client and provider. This ensures that proven treatments with evidence-based care can be provided conveniently without disruption to other responsibilities.

Vertava Health of Texas focuses on patient resilience throughout its treatment approach. It knows recovery is tough and so are its clients. It offers individualized treatment plans onsite or online, so care is available when and how clients need it to get the care they deserve.


For more information about Vertava Health of Texas, contact the company here:

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