Vertava Health Of Ohio Offers Suggestions For Repairing Addiction Strained Relationships

Sherrodsville, OH: The holiday season is quickly approaching and for many people, even amidst the oddities of this year, that means family gatherings even if they might be more intimate than previous years. Every family has experienced the awkwardness of any conflicts and arguments that arise during festive celebrations.

One addiction treatment center is giving some advice. Vertava Health of Ohio is offering individuals who have recently completed residential addiction treatment some tips for repairing relationships over the holiday season. The newly published blog offers patients several tips to put into practice during gatherings.

Vertava Health of Ohio, previously known as The Bluffs Rehab, is one branch out of four that make up the Vertava Health organization. Vertava Health, with a corporate office in Nashville, offers treatment and programming designed to help those with mental health and substance use disorders.

Vertava Health of Ohio, located in the serene low hills of Sherrodsville, Ohio, operates a blog where they offer advice to those struggling with addiction and act as a clear, accessible source for information about addiction and side effects of various substances. The recent publication is titled Holiday Season Magic: Repairing Relationships After Addiction Over The Holidays and opens by acknowledging the hardship that occurs in relationships affected by addiction.

The article explains that when substance use is prevalent in a person’s life, the user is not the only person affected by the addiction or dependency. Instead, substance use can involve family and friends. These groups may try to help a user break an addiction and enter into rehab, or there may be some unintended enabling on the part of the family or friends.

While negative consequences of substance use have the potential to heavily affect the mental and physical state of the user, rocky and tumultuous relationships with others is another common side effect. Throughout their publication, Vertava Health of Ohio makes clear that substance use and addiction can strain and damage relationships.

When a patient desires to make amends and take the first step towards rebuilding a relationship marred by the consequences of addiction, Vertava Health of Ohio’s blog suggests five main points: apologize, show how you’ve changed, be thoughtful, take time for yourself, and be patient.

A main theme of the blog post involves taking personal responsibility for individual actions. A patient who has just left rehab has probably affected close family and friends in many ways through substance use. As rehab supports taking personal responsibility, these steps also encourage an individual to understand that they may have caused some trouble or conflict.

These steps also encourage moving forward and rebuilding new, stronger relationships with people. This message is similarly reflected in Vertava Health of Ohio’s philosophy of creating individualized and high-quality treatment to help individuals build a better future and live a healthier lifestyle.

According to Vertava Health of Ohio, a healthier lifestyle not only includes addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders but repairing relationships and putting your best self forward in the world.

The blog doesn't suggest that repairing any relationship will be easy and seamless. Instead, it acknowledges that the process could take longer since trust can be tricky to rebuild. However, Vertava Health of Ohio nevertheless offers support and encourages its patients to try and put relationships back into good standing.

Those who are interested in getting individualization addiction treatment and support this holiday season can contact Vertava Health of Ohio on their website or by phone at (844) 470-0373.


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