Vertava Health of Ohio Offers Private Rooms For Inpatient Rehab

Sherrodsville, OH: Recently, Vertava Health of Ohio, formerly known as The Bluffs, released a new article detailing the benefits of a private room in addiction rehab. This addiction treatment center is located in Sherrodsville, OH and is a part of the larger Vertava Health network. Since the publication of the most recent article, Vertava Health of Ohio will offer its patients an option of private rooms for inpatient rehab.

The option of selecting a private room for inpatient treatment will add to the list of existing treatment plans and options that Vertava Health of Ohio offers, including: virtual treatment, alcohol and drug detoxification, dual diagnosis, inpatient treatment, and programs designed to accommodate pregnant women.

In the article, Vertava Health of Ohio points out some important reasons for wanting a private room, namely, the intimidating feelings that are not uncommon when patients seek addiction treatment. The article explains that the recovery process for addiction treatment includes spending lots of time together in a community. For some individuals, it elaborates, constantly living in a communal space and spending much of the day engaging with strangers in addiction treatment can be taxing and overwhelming.

Although the community aspect of inpatient rehab is important and can be effective at reducing “feelings of loneliness and isolation,” spending so much time around other people may not be the best approach for some patients. Vertava Health of Ohio echoes their philosophy of individualized treatment by explaining that the benefit of a single room is largely dependent on the individual person.

Vertava Health of Ohio lays out four main benefits of having a private room in rehab. The first benefit, according to the article, is that a patient can customize a single room to make it more welcoming and home-like. With a private room, an individual can bring mementos and decorations that remind them of home and family. The article notes this is an option that may be particularly appealing to those who suffer from homesickness or loneliness while at rehab.

The second benefit is avoiding any potential roommate problems. Living with a roommate at rehab may be a new experience for some people. It can be difficult for some individuals to adjust to living with a stranger and having to become accustomed to a different routine and habits.

The third benefit is the increase in privacy. Vertava Health of Ohio explains that this option may be enticing for those who held a very high-profile position at home or in the community. A private room offers an individual time away from the public eye and spotlight. Privacy can afford calm and reduce worries about the opinions of others or the expectation to always appear in a certain manner.

The fourth and final benefit to private rooms is the ability to recharge. After spending the majority of the day interacting with group and individual therapy sessions and other activities, many participants will find themselves emotionally drained. Opening up about addiction and recovery can be particularly emotional and quite taxing. Vertava Health of Ohio explains that during this level of care, there is not very much individual time. The treatment center points to a single room as an opportunity to spend some time away from other people and recharge one’s batteries.

At this time, Vertava Health of Ohio is offering the option of private rooms for patients in the inpatient rehab program who would like an individual space of their own. To get more information, call (844) 461-0305 to speak with a treatment specialist.


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