Vertava Health of Mississippi Publishes Article on Codependent Relationships for Those in Recovery

Southaven, MS: Vertava Health of Mississippi, formerly known as Turning Point, has announced the publication of an article detailing the complex workings of codependent relationships for those who are in recovery. Located in Southaven, Mississippi, Vertava Health looked at the ways relationships can work for and against both people involved, as well as methods for recognizing the difference between hurting and aiding someone’s recovery progress.

Licensed Clinical Social Worker Linda Esposito wrote for Psychology Today that codependent relationships are a kind of “dysfunctional agreement” between two people who are often worried about the fallout from dealing with the problems present in their lives.

Vertava Health of Mississippi specifically focuses on one of the most difficult aspects of codependent relationships, which is recognizing behavior as codependent. Concepts like “tough love” can become crutches for someone living with a partner in recovery, where they lean on the idea of not “coddling” their significant other.

Recognizing the signs that may point to a codependent relationship is one of the focuses of the article. Because codependency deals with emotions and thoughts it can be somewhat difficult for each person in a relationship to recognize when one—or both them—are engaging in the behavior.

Healing from codependency is possible through several methods including the development of strong boundaries, focusing on empowering the person in recovery, and even individual or couples therapy. In the case of a person who is depending on another in a codependent relationship, inner strength is described as a method for allowing oneself to transcend the seeming “need” of being cared for.

Ways of accomplishing or achieving inner strength vary from person to person due to the unique emotional and mental landscape of all humans. One way to begin the process, however, is to utilize dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), a key component in Vertava Health of Mississippi’s treatment methods.

A form of cognitive behavior therapy, DBT can be tailored to each person because its methods focus on thoughts and emotions, and also behavioral patterns. Shifting how one thinks will naturally affect how one acts, which is why mindfulness is one of the first goals of DBT treatment.

By focusing on mindfulness a person who may be codependent can begin to recognize their strengths and the qualities which make them unique and capable of great things. Another helpful aspect of DBT is called interpersonal effectiveness, a dedicated method for establishing boundaries within personal relationships.

Vertava Health of Mississippi is dedicated to providing comprehensive and specific care for adults struggling with substance use and mental health disorders. They are an industry-leading, fully-accredited recovery center in Mississippi with years of experience in the field.

The professionals at Vertava Health of Mississippi aim to not only treat substance use, but any mood or mental health disorders that may exist. In the recovery field, this is known as “co-occurring disorders” and it is something the licensed physicians and therapists at Vertava specialize in. Staff conduct a clinical assessment for each client checking into Vertava and are ready for any dual-diagnosis, which could include struggling with both alcohol and depression, or other combinations of disorders.

Vertava was founded and operates on the belief that achieving the correct level of care for each client is imperative. How treatment moves forward for each person is based solely on their personal needs rather than concrete and implacable treatment methods made as seemingly “one-size-fits-all.”

Perhaps the most important aspect of Vertava Health of Mississippi’s treatment is their belief in, and reliance on, the undeniable strength and resilience of their clients. The evidence-based treatment methods they utilize are powered by the clients’ strength and dedication to recovering.


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