Vertava Health of Massachusetts Now Offering Specialized Programming For First Responders

Cummington, MA: Vertava Health of Massachusetts has announced the introduction of new mental health and substance use disorder programming that caters to the specific needs of first responders. First responders are a group of professionals that includes firefighters, law enforcement, military personnel, and emergency medical technicians.

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Association (SAMHSA), there are links between first responders and an increased risk of substance use, like heavy drinking, during disasters or public health relief efforts.

To respond to the overwhelming needs of first responders during the COVID-19 pandemic, Vertava Health of Massachusetts personalizes each treatment plan to meet the needs of each patient’s individual situation. They offer first responders an integrated therapeutic approach to addiction treatment. This means that they incorporate a variety of evidence-based therapies that adapt to the unique mental health needs of all their patients.

Some of these therapy modalities include cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy, and motivational interviewing. With the challenging situations faced by first responders daily, as well as the increased stress caused by COVID-19, CBT allows patients to recognize cravings and better identify situations that could increase the risk of drug or alcohol use.

The “dialectics” in dialectical behavioral therapy refers to integrating the seemingly opposite feelings of acceptance and change. DBT allows a patient to accept who they are while acknowledging that things must change by focusing on key elements such as mindfulness, tolerating pain in difficult situations, and protecting themselves from painful emotions to reduce vulnerability.

The clinical approach of motivational interviewing helps motivate patients to make positive behavioral changes that improve their overall health. Motivational interviewing helps patients commit to making a change in their lives by examining their history of substance use and developing a close relationship with their therapist.

A spokesperson from Vertava Health released the following statement: “Vertava Health of Massachusetts and Vertava Health thanks all of our first responders for their selfless service to our communities. We wish to join them in their courage and sense of duty by helping them overcome their personal battle with substance use disorder.”

To learn more about individualized treatment plans offered by Vertava Health of Massachusetts, or to receive a no-cost evaluation from one of their licensed mental healthcare professionals, call (844) 906-0978 today.


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