Vertava Health - Massachusetts Stresses Importance of Supervised Drug Detox

Cummington, Mass. — Vertava Health, an addiction treatment center located in Cummington, Mass., recently issued a reminder to the public that quitting a drug "cold turkey" can be dangerous and even life-threatening, particularly with certain substances like benzodiazepines. By going to a licensed detox facility for a medically supervised detox, people in this position can ensure they get through the detox process both safely and successfully.

The process of recovering from alcohol and drug addiction is usually quite long, involving multiple steps the person must go through to achieve lasting sobriety. The first of these steps usually involve ridding their body of the substance to which they are addicted through the process known as detoxification.

Trying to detox unsupervised can lead to several negative effects. Some addictions have the potential to be very dangerous, proving fatal in some cases. This is why it is important to quit as soon as possible and to go about the process of quitting as carefully as possible. By becoming sober, a person who was suffering from addiction can establish the foundation they need to improve their health and achieve the level of mental strength needed to remain sober in the long run.

"Second to obtaining treatment, detoxing from the harmful substance you were addicted to is your first step toward sobriety,” a Vertava Health spokesperson said. “Our physician-supervised staff will stand by you through this trying time 24/7, offering you compassionate support so you progress through detox as comfortably and as safely as possible. Our clinicians will also aid you in fighting off the cravings that can threaten your pursuit of a drug-free life. Detox not only places a burden on your body and brain but on your emotional and mental standing as well, and our staff will continuously monitor these states.”

The spokesperson added that Vertava Health has assembled a top-notch team of addiction professionals to provide Bay Staters the epitome of good care. Their program has been created around one guiding force: providing the highest caliber of evidence-based drug and alcohol addiction treatment so anyone can successfully obtain and maintain a drug-free life.

"We recognize that recovery occurs on many levels," the Vertava Health spokesperson said. "For a person to fully emerge from the vicious cycle of addiction and be protected against relapse, they must receive treatment that addresses their physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual health needs. To do this, we provide a broad spectrum of treatment modalities and best practices that work in conjunction with each other to give you holistic and individualized care.”

In addition to detox, Vertava Health offers a full range of residential inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment services, including treatment of co-occurring mental health disorders. For more information on Vertava Health, visit their website.


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