Vancouver Volkswagen Now Delivering Long Awaited Electric SUV

BC based Vancouver Volkswagen is pleased to report that they have begun supplying electric Volkswagen ID.4s following a long wait caused by high demand and supply issues. A number of customers have already received theirs, and there are several posts on the Vancouver dealership’s Facebook page showing happy new electric Volkswagen owners. The much anticipated delivery of the electric Volkswagens has several buyers very excited to make their next purchase. In a recent post highlighted by the dealership, one customer appears next to his brand new 2021 ID.4, and the Volkswagen dealership proudly congratulates him on his purchase. See the post here:

vancouver electric suv

The ID.4 is one of the first in Volkswagen’s line of electric vehicles, and it is only available under pre-order, which is why many buyers find themselves waiting for their car to be delivered. The dealer has made it simple to get get into this new Volkswagen. First, the buyer reserves and orders their ID.4, either online or in-store at the Main Street location, where sales consultants help the buyer choose their ideal configuration. Throughout the factory manufacturing process, Volkswagen keeps customers informed of their car’s progress, making sure they know what happens from the moment it leaves the factory to when it travels across the US to the moment when it arrives at the customers’ local dealer. Once it arrives, the customer can then complete their financing with the dealer. Throughout the process, the buyer can manage their ID.4 reservation through Volkswagen’s portal. At the end of it all, the buyer receives their vehicle. See the dealership's full inventory here:

“The Volkswagen ID.4 SUV is truly something to behold,” says Volkswagen. “On the outside, clean aerodynamic lines make for a striking presence on the road. On the inside, plenty of room makes for a spacious, comfortable cabin — it will transform how you think about electric cars. Best of all? You can reserve it right now.”

Vancouver Volkswagen is the premier Volkswagen dealership in Vancouver, and they offer the best prices of brand-new Volkswagen vehicles. Customers benefit from access to the most attractive prices on the market, and the dealership has essentially made this a promise, stating that they will beat any deal by at least $250. Vancouver Volkswagen makes it a point to be transparent about its prices so that customers do not find themselves having to negotiate prices and can instead be sure to get the best offer possible from the beginning. The dealership has served Vancouver, Burnaby and Richmond for over 60 years. They are the oldest dealership near Langley and deeply value their customers, who they attribute to being the source of Vancouver Volkswagen’s success.

“Here at Vancouver Volkswagen, we don’t only want to be your first choice when looking for quality new and pre-owned Volkswagen vehicles throughout Greater Vancouver, we want to be your automotive resource for life! Whether you’re coming from Langley, Surrey or even Squamish, our dedicated team is here to assist with any of your automotive needs,” says the dealership. “In addition to our fantastic inventory, be sure to take advantage of our outstanding parts and service center, as well as our competitive financing options for all of our new and used Volkswagen vehicles. We are constantly improving to serve you better and always bring you the very best by going above and beyond, no matter what brings you to our dealership. Don’t just take our word for it though, come and visit us at Vancouver Volkswagen today to find out first hand!”

Whether the customer is in search of a new Volkswagen, pre-owned Volkswagen, getting their current vehicle’s oil changed or their transmission replaced, Vancouver Volkswagen is available to help in any way possible. The dealership’s inventory is available for Volkswagen owners and buyers to make use of in order to ensure that their vehicle is in the best condition possible.

For more information on Vancouver Volkswagen, visit their Facebook page. They regularly post updates which keep potential buyers informed about new opportunities regarding Volkswagens in Vancouver. The dealership places a heavy emphasis on transparency and reliability, meaning customers can always be sure they are getting the very best Volkswagen related services in the area. See more here:


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