Vacuums R Us & Sewing Too - Boulder Store has Just Announced that They are Now Offering Boulder Sewing Classes

Vacuums R Us & Sewing Too, a popular sewing machine store in Boulder, Colorado, has just announced that they are now offering sewing classes. These classes can be taken in person or by choosing to learn how to sew using their online course. They are also holding classes for those who are just beginning to learn how to sew and experienced sewers that would like to take their proficiency to a much higher level. Someone who wants to advance their sewing skills also has the option to take classes with a group or request individual instruction.

The company spokesperson, Dina Wolcott, says, “Just a few decades ago it was very common for one or more persons in a family to know how to use a sewing machine. Not coincidentally, that was also a time when people saved a lot of money by making clothes for themselves and by making other useful household items such as curtains and sheets. Sadly, it seems the fine art of sewing is no longer being passed down through the generations. That’s where our helpful sewing classes come into play. They are perfect for those who have never sewed and want to learn or for those that want to significantly advance their sewing ability.”

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Wolcott went on to say that their beginner boulder sewing classes will provide those who attend them with a well-rounded initial machine sewing background. This course even starts out with an introduction to hand sewing before moving on to sewing machine use. They will also cover the different parts of sewing machines that students need to know and some important sewing vocabulary. He said that way a student will not be lost when they start talking about such things as spool pins, bobbins, stitch selectors, and thread guides. The beginner course will also go over sewing safety, the different types of sewing machines that are available, and the many ways that someone who knows how to sew can live a greener lifestyle. He added that once this course has been completed, beginner sewers should be able to do such things as make hot pads and personal facemasks or do simple alterations. They will also learn the various types of stitching that can be used when sewing by machine.

The company spokesperson says that their advanced sewing course will help significantly upgrade any person’s overall sewing ability if they take the course seriously and diligently practice what they learn. The advanced courses will teach those that attend them to do such things as create toiletry bags, tote bags, and more. Students in these courses will also learn the basics of more advanced sewing procedures such as pattern layout, fabric & material cutting, garment assembly, and zipper installation. Wolcott added that their beyond basics sewing courses are also a great way for someone to get their feet wet in the industry if they are thinking about one-day designing clothes or pursuing work as a manager or purchasing agent in a retail store clothing department.

Their beginner and advanced sewing classes are taught by Rachel who has served in different capacities in the sewing industry for over 10 years and Chris who honed his craft while being raised by a mother that is an accomplished seamstress. Isabella also helps pitch in to teach the beginner sewing courses from time to time.

Wolcott added that their store is well-stocked with all different types of sewing machines and sewing accessories such as specialized furniture. He says that they also repair sewing machines and carry a full line of quality sewing machine replacement parts. As their name indicates, Vacuums R Us & Sewing Too also carries quality vacuum cleaners and associated support products. He stated that they also try to make purchasing their vacuum and sewing machine products as safe and easy as possible by offering both curbside pickup and delivery. This Boulder company also has received nothing but straight 5-star reviews on their Google Maps Listing which can be seen here at


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