Using a Cheese Board Can Help People Move Away from Ordering Takeout Food and Reduce Trash

Frux Home and Yard, a company based in Las Vegas, NV, points out that using their bamboo cheese board can help people move away from ordering food delivery and takeout, which has been observed to contribute to a substantial increase in trash. It appears that even during the pandemic, when most people are spending a lot of time at home, many have been ordering takeout. This trend is worrisome, not just became takeout food is usually unhealthy, but also because food deliveries come with packaging that are thrown away after the comfort food has been consumed.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, packaging (primarily but not limited to food packaging) accounts for 30% of America's municipal solid waste, amounting to 80 million tons in 2017. That amount of waste is almost three times what was thrown away in 1960, when they started monitoring the amount of trash. This is expected to get worse as the pandemic motivates people to order their favorite comfort foods from restaurants.

The habit of ordering takeout was formed long before the coronavirus pandemic. According to statistics from the US Department of Agriculture, Americans really love to order takeout meals from restaurants because over half of the country’s food budget goes to off-premises dining. And according to statistics from the National Restaurant Association, takeout orders amounted to approximately 60 percent of all restaurant transactions.

Meanwhile, the pandemic appears to be feeding the trend. The market research firm CivicScience noted that consumers have reported more use of food delivery since the pandemic had started. Many people are ordering takeout as a way to deal with the stresses brought about by the pandemic. Unfortunately, this means more polypropylene bowls, disposable cutlery, foam clamshells, and condiment packets are being thrown away and contributing to the mountains of trash that are damaging to wildlife and global ecosystems.

The practice of dining off-premises can actually be traced back to ancient times but in the US, takeout started in San Francisco after the Civil war when fortune seekers were flocking to the booming town and many restaurants were established to provide them with food. Most of them didn’t want to bother about home cooking and simply had their food delivered to them from the restaurants. By the early 20th century, innovations in disposable packaging and the increased mobility of Americans contributed to the evolution of food services into the modern fast food chains that are so popular today. With the influx of immigrants, restaurants started to serve international fare, which were the first to focus on takeout, especially the Chinese restaurants. At the present time, only 20 percent of Americans are cooking everyday.

Unfortunately, takeout meals from restaurants have significant amounts of salt, saturated fat, and total amount of calories compared to home-cooked meals. This is because people who cook at home have full control on the ingredients. Another important advantage of home-cooked meals is that they are less costly. The problem is that Americans need to learn to love cooking, and the Frux cheese board may provide a way to bridge the gap between takeout meals and home-cooked meals.

The Frux bamboo cheeseboard is often used as a charcuterie board that is used to display various kinds of food, such as cheese, cured meat, fruits, vegetables, nuts, jam, dried fruits, and more. It requires very little effort to prepare this since these foods don’t require cooking, except for a few kinds of cured meat that will require some heating. The various foods on the bamboo board are mostly healthy and people may rediscover the different tastes that they can offer and possibly encourage them to do some home cooking. This may gradually wean people away from ordering takeout food, and this may help in reducing the amount of trash produced.

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