Used Tower Cranes For Sale At Crane Network

Chicago, Illinois-based Crane Network LLC is pleased to announce that they have used tower cranes for sale. Having been in operation for more than 20 years, Crane Network LLC has made themselves a valuable resource for companies across the United States who want to purchase or sell cranes and other construction equipment.

Ron Selby Jr., a representative for Crane Network, says, “Sometimes, you need a tower crane for a project or two and you don’t want to buy a brand new one, or sometimes you’re just looking for an affordable tower crane. In either case, you’ll be glad to know that the selection of used tower cranes we have at Crane Network are more than enough to satisfy your needs. Our website has a large number of tower cranes for you to peruse from as well as enough variety in makes and models that you don’t have to feel shoehorned into choosing something you don’t want.”

Selby Jr. continues, “At Crane Network, everything we do is about making the lives of those who deal in construction equipment easier. We connect buyers and sellers of cranes, heavy equipment and parts and attachments and make it easy for them to purchase whatever they want. Our dedication to our users, both buyers and sellers, has been a key reason as to why we are one of the most well-established names in the online equipment marketplace today — and we have maintained our success by consistently meeting our goal of providing solid, dependable cranes and other equipment at an affordable price. You can rest assured that whatever you buy through us will be of top quality.”

Crane Network LLC assures their community that, whenever any equipment is being sold through their marketplace, their expert team of sales professionals oversee the whole process, doing everything from evaluating the equipment to ensuring that all minor specifications are in line with the customer’s wishes. In addition, the company also boasts a network of industry partners that are always on hand to provide additional services, such as appraisals, inspections, financing, insurance, transportation and more.

Selby Jr. says, “Whatever you are looking for, whether it’s tower cranes, boom trucks or service truck cranes for sale, you can be sure that the Crane Network has it. Feel free to visit our website and browse our selection of construction equipment.”

The high level of quality maintained by Crane Network has earned them many positive reviews from all of their satisfied customers. On their testimonials page (on the company’s website), Katy McDaniel of Dozier Crane & Machinery, Inc. says, “Dozier Crane has been utilizing Crane Network for over a decade, both to advertise our cranes and search for new additions to our fleet. Crane Network has been an excellent tool to generate new sales leads and connect with new customers. Whenever we use the email blast function on Crane Network, we always get several responses. The technical support / customer service team at Crane Network is excellent; they respond quickly to any request and are always professional and polite. I would recommend Crane Network to anyone who has a crane to sell or is looking to purchase a crane.”

In another review, Fernando Gonzalez from Big B Crane, LLC states, “Throughout the years, Crane Network has been our 'go-to' online marketplace for advertising our used cranes as well as sourcing / purchasing cranes to add to our rapidly expanding crane rental fleet. With the fast-changing crane market, Kristina Petrocelli has been there to provide top-notch customer service and valuable ideas for listing our cranes in the most professional, prompt manner in order to assist us in getting the most out of our marketing dollars. Kristina is the kind of employee that sets Crane Network apart from other online marketplaces.”

Those looking for cranes for rent or simply want to learn more about Crane Network LLC, the various services they provide and more are welcome to visit the company’s website to get started. In addition, Crane Network maintains a presence on Facebook where they frequently post updates, share information and blog posts and communicate with their customers. Additionally, the company encourages interested parties to get in touch with Ron Selby Jr. directly via email or phone. The company can also be reached through the contact form on their website.


For more information about Crane Network LLC, contact the company here:

Crane Network LLC
Ron Selby Jr.
(214) 612-7626
400 Illinois St., Lemont, IL 60439