US Coachways Touts the Many Benefits of its Los Angeles Charter Bus Rental Service

NYC-based US Coachways started as a small family-run commuter bus service back in 1983 and since then has expanded into one of the biggest charter bus companies in America. One of the reasons that their business grew so much over that time is that they were able to show tour groups and others all of the benefits that charter bus rental offers. This remains true today on all of their popular city routes including their Los Angeles Charter Bus Rental trips. With the ongoing pandemic, it can now even be said that charter bus rentals into LA and other cities offer even more benefits than ever before.

Family member and US Coachways spokesperson, Mark Telmany, says, “Los Angeles is a popular city to visit because of all there is to see and do there. It’s also a city that is very tough to get around in with its constant heavy traffic and sometimes hard to navigate roadways. Trying to find parking can also be a nightmare and when someone does, it can be very expensive. That’s why we suggest anyone who has a small to large size group that wants to go into LA together should strongly consider renting a charter bus from us. This offers so many advantages to those groups that do this.”

The company spokesperson continued by listing some of the other benefits that their chartered bus service offers to groups going to LA. He says that for one, their Los Angeles charter bus rentals are one of the most comfortable, convenient, and stress-free ways to get in and out of that city. The fun starts the minute the group gets on the bus and there is no need for a designated driver. Their drivers are very professional and courteous and each one knows their way around LA very well. Telmany also pointed out that charter bus rental can be a more environmentally-friendly mode of travel and when all is said and done, it’s a very cost-effective means of travel too.

Telmany says that one often overlooked aspect of charter bus rental is how much safer it can be made than other forms of travel during the current pandemic. That’s because a group organizer controls just about every aspect of risk. He says that means they can do such things as require group members to have a negative Covid-19 test a few days before the trip. The group’s organizer can also choose an appropriate bus size and how many people the group is comprised of to allow for social distancing. He mentioned that this is something that cannot be done on other forms of mass transportation such as jets and trains. That means someone who travels on these modes of transportation does not know the current health status of the person sitting next to them or if that person has been safeguarding themselves against the virus. Other measures that help safeguard US Coachways charter and mini bus rental services are the CDC recommended sanitization steps that are being done to a bus before travel and the fact that it’s a point to point service that eliminates having to walk through many people getting to events or taking secondary modes of transportation that may be crowded. The company spokesperson says that best of all, they now offer a worry-free cancellation policy too.

The company has a large selection of different size buses and other passenger vehicles to choose from. Telmany says that these include their full-size charter buses which hold 49 to 57 passengers, sprinter vans that seat as many as 15, and various size mini buses that hold anywhere from 24 to 35 passengers. He added that those who want to go to LA from a farther distance away from the city may even want to consider their amazing sleeper buses. US Coachways full-size and mini buses are anything but vanilla too. They each feature such comfort-enhancing amenities as spacious, high back plush seats, plenty of overhead & under bus storage, and surround sound stereo systems where the group controls what music is played.

Those that would like to see the approximate bus price estimate for a chartered group trip to LA can do so by using the convenient cost calculator that’s found on the US Coachways website.


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