US Coachways States Their Philadelphia Bus Rental Service Is Among the Safest Means of Corporate Travel at this Time

US Coachways is a company that believes businesses sometimes overlook how very safe and convenient it can be for their employees to get to a corporate event by chartered bus. A good example of this is the company’s Philadelphia bus rental service. They say that Philadelphia is a reasonable drive from many large cities on the east coast and a business’s employees can travel in comfort and style to the corporate event they need to attend. Best of all, a business can control every aspect of who gets on that bus and what conditions they have to meet before they embark on their journey. They say that this is something that should not be taken for granted in this day and age where companies and their employees have to attend corporate events while at the same time being aware of a virus that spreads very easily.

“What a crazy year this has been so far. Covid-19 pretty much has to be factored into everything that businesses do these days and that includes how will they get their employees to corporate events in the safest possible manner. Businesses know that corporate events must go on because they are an integral part of how most big businesses function. These events are essential to doing such things as helping a company boost its productivity, upgrading their employee’s knowledge base, and boosting employee morale in a time that it’s so badly needed,” says US Coachways spokesperson, Mark Telmany. “We have had numerous companies contact us about renting buses for short and medium drives in and out of Philadelphia for corporate events and their biggest concern is if we have protocols in place to help keep those employees that travel with us safe. Our answer is yes and we will work closely with them and design a trip to their designated corporate function that helps keeps their employees as safe as possible and minimize the risk of virus spread.”

Telmany went on to say that corporate bus rental is similar to a building where a company can control who goes in and out of it. A company can do such things as rapid test their employees before the bus leaves to be reasonably sure that everyone that gets on that bus is Covid-19 free at the time. This eliminates uncertainty about where the person sitting next to an employee has been and what their current health status is. It’s something that’s simply not possible when employees are interacting with people in airports and train terminals and then sitting closely next to complete strangers when traveling in these modes of transportation. He added that a company can also determine the size of the bus and how many people will ride in it to maximize social distancing. They can enforce facemask wearing and set other safety protocols for the trip too. This type of virus risk minimization simply cannot be guaranteed when employees are traveling by other modes of mass transportation.

The company spokesperson stated that there are other great reasons for a company to have its employees travel to corporate events in cities such as Philadelphia by chartered bus. He says that for one, they will get door to door service. Employees also do not have to do any driving themselves so they will be well-rested when they arrive. Telmany also talked about how their corporate event buses are not like typical rental buses that more closely resemble riding in metal boxes with uncomfortable seating. Their buses have plush interiors with soft seats and many even have advanced sound systems and other amenities to make a trip to a corporate event much more enjoyable. He says not to forget that they have bus options that seat anywhere from 14 to 36 or more employees and that they have over 30-years’ experience bringing business groups to corporate events.

The company spokesperson also mentioned that there is a convenient corporate event bus rental cost calculator right on their website’s homepage. He added that they are always happy to answer questions about corporate group travel over the phone and they will be happy to work up an estimate for this service for anyone that fills out the related form found on the ‘contact us’ page of their website.


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