US Coachways New Jersey Charter Bus Rental Services are Gaining in Popularity

US Coachways is pleased to announce that they are seeing a nice uptick in their New Jersey rental bus Services. This according to family member and company spokesperson, Mark Telmany. He noted that they feel that this increase in their New Jersey charter bus rentals is not due to one specific reason but because of a variety of different circumstances that are all coming together now. Whatever the case, the company spokesperson says they have the available buses and drivers ready to handle all sorts of group bus travel into the state.

Telmany says, “Now that spring has arrived in our area it seems that people are getting the itch to travel again and New Jersey has become a prime destination for our rental bus trips. This is not surprising to us at all because it’s a state that has a lot of versatility as far as the types of destinations it offers and the many activities that take place there. When you combine that with our many different charter bus and mini-bus rental options, it can make for a very safe and fun getaway.”

The company spokesperson says that as the weather warms up that has also created a demand for more people wanting to take a bus to the Jersey Shore. It’s a place where people can spread out, relax, and get some fresh air. He mentioned that most shore destinations are also just a short hop from Atlantic City where the group can partake in a fun night out. It was also mentioned that many sporting events and family get-togethers are taking place all over the state and charter bus travel makes a fun and worry-free way to attend these happenings. As long as the group’s desired New Jersey destination is serviced by a road, Telmany says they will get them there.

According to Telmany, it’s not only the number of choice destinations in New Jersey that has people taking more US Coachways bus trips to the state. They feel that the pandemic also has something to do with that. People in and outside of New Jersey are looking to move around after being restricted for so long and group bus travel is one of the safest ways to go about that. The company spokesperson addressed that further by stating that the reason charter bus travel with them is safer than some other modes of transportation during the ongoing pandemic is that the group’s organizer can better control the travel environment. This includes such things as requiring a negative virus test within a few days of boarding the bus and by choosing the bus size based on the group's desired social distancing requirements. He says that this is a much better alternative than sitting on a jet or train next to someone whose health status is unknown and without knowing if they have been taking any precautions to safeguard themselves from the virus. It was also mentioned that charter bus rentals offer door-to-door service. There is no need to take other forms of crowded mass transportation or walking through droves of people on a sidewalk to get to a destination. Telmany also talked about how their buses are sanitized before each charter trip to standards that are higher than those set by the CDC.

The company spokesperson says that the versatility they offer with their buses is also appealing to those groups that want to travel to destinations in New Jersey. He stated that they have smaller limo vans and sprinter buses available and their fleet goes all the way up in size to large charter and executive buses. It was noted by him that these are not generic type vehicles either as each comes with such amenities as ample storage space, plush seating, and entertainment systems. Telmany mentioned that charter bus travel is a budget-friendly option and it’s easier on the environment than many other forms of transportation. Groups that are interested in the company’s New Jersey bus rental services can contact US Coachways by phone, email, or by filling out the ‘Instant Quote Form’ that’s found on their ‘contact us’ page. Telmany also wanted to remind group representatives that they have a cost calculator on their website which can be used to approximate the price of what an upcoming charter bus rental may cost group members.


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