US Coachways Is Offering San Diego Bus Rental Services

US Coachways is offering bus rental services to groups looking to travel to business meetings, corporate events, family gatherings, school trips, church functions, or any other special event that warrants traveling together in a large group.

San Diego is the country’s eighth most populous city and also California’s second-most populous. There are over 300 miles of freeway and more than 7000 miles of roads and streets spread out all over the city. San Diego is a sprawling megapolis that can leave even the most prepared drivers flustered due to its sheer size and scale.

According to San Diego traffic reports, an average resident of the city will spend about 54 hours a year sitting in rush hour traffic. When planning a trip to the city, one must make sure to not get stuck in traffic, wasting precious moments that could have been spent relaxing on one of the city’s sugar sand beaches. Only an experienced tour guide who is aware of the best routes and who can work around constantly changing traffic conditions will be able to make sure the group gets through their entire itinerary on time.

A charter bus rental solves most problems that can make a trip with a large group difficult. All the luggage is stored in one vehicle which is safely guarded by the driver. Access to a charter bus is strictly controlled and only limited to the members of the group. This is much easier than monitoring different cars and vehicles that may be parked at different locations. A charter bus also gives a lot more flexibility on choosing the itinerary as there is only one bus to worry about. It allows the family or group to hit every location that they want without worrying about different cars getting stuck in traffic or getting lost along the way.

Charter bus travel can also be much more affordable than managing a fleet of cars. The charter bus will use less fuel compared to all the vehicles that it would take to match its occupancy making it a much greener way to travel. Charter buses can also travel on the High Occupancy Vehicle lanes on the highway which makes the trip smoother and even faster than getting stuck in traffic on the other lanes.

The COVID-19 pandemic might have scared some travelers from traveling. US Coachways has risen to the occasion and has taken all the precautions to deal with the virus on its charter buses. They supply hand sanitizers and all the appropriate PPE to the travelers. US Coachways also takes good care to disinfect all of its vehicles after every trip to maintain the highest standards of safety.

A spokesperson for US Coachways describes the charter bus travel experience by saying, “Traveling together in a group should be a time to catch up with old friends, share family stories, play games with the young ones, and most of all to forget about stress. It is not fun if you are constantly worried about missing your exit or swapping your attention between the road and the mapping software on your phone. Leave the heavy lifting to our experienced drivers who know these streets like the back of their hands. When you book a charter bus with US Coachways you are hiring the best drivers and getting access to the best vehicle infrastructure. You can rest assured that you will get through your entire itinerary without the stress that comes with managing a large group. Call us today or look up the cost calculator on our website to get an estimate of how much a San Diego bus rental might cost.”

US Coachways has over 30 years of experience managing trips for all kinds of groups traveling for business or leisure. Groups of around 24 to 35 people are recommended a minibus while the full-sized bus can hold up to 57 passengers. The company can be reached 24/7 at the phone number (855) 287-2427.


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