US Coachways Explains Why Their Miami Bus Rental Services Offer a Less Risky Means of Travel During the Pandemic

US Coachways realizes that despite the ongoing pandemic, people still have many choices when it comes to getting to such destinations as Miami, Florida. They also want people to be aware that there may not be a more convenient and less risky form of travel to Miami during the pandemic than what their charter bus rental services have to offer. This is because every detail of their bus excursions to Miami can be planned with both safety and convenience at the forefront of the decision making.

A representative of the company, Mark Telamy, took the time to explain the reasons behind this thinking. He says that less risk of exposure to Covid-19 on one of their chartered buses to Miami starts with the fact that the group has the ability to mostly control their environment. Whoever organizes the bus rental has the option of determining the preconditions for boarding the bus, how many people can board, and how close everyone in the group sits next to each other. This is unlike flying where people sit where they are assigned and never know what ailments the person sitting next to them has or who they have been around over the past several days. The charter bus group will also be dropped right off at the door of the restaurants and other venues that they visit in Miami. This even further reduces the risk of getting exposed to the virus because it eliminates walking through groups of people to get to an event and standing in mass transportation lines or riding in that type of system’s often-crowded cars. Telmany says that before each trip their buses are also being heavily sanitized. They use cleaning methods and solutions that meet or exceed CDC standards for dealing with Covid-19. He says that when all of these factors come together, it’s the reason why group bus travel is considered by many to be one of the safest means of travel during the ongoing pandemic.

According to Telmany, less risk of exposure to the virus is not the only reason that their Miami bus rental services are considered to be a very safe and convenient form of travel. Their buses are also driven by professionals with many hours behind the wheel that know their way around Miami very well. They also are well-trained at what it takes to move a group around large cities like Miami in a manner that will help ensure their safety. He also mentioned that when they go into Miami it’s always a point-to-point experience. This is unlike several group members driving private vehicles that have to do such things as finding parking spaces in dimly lit and overcrowded garages and then have to navigate their way around an unfamiliar city to get to a destination. Their professional drivers also stay with the bus at all times the group is away to keep a watch on any belongings that its members do not wish to carry around with them. The company says those going on the Miami trip in one of their buses are also free from worry when it comes to drinking and driving. Telmany went on to explain that their charter buses are not your average run of the mill mass transportation buses either. They all come with several amenities such as spacious plush high-back reclining bucket seats, very good stereo sound systems, an onboard bathroom, and plenty of storage space above the seats and under the bus. US Coachways also offers several different sizes of mini-buses and regular coach buses that seat anywhere from 1 to 57 passengers.

Those who are considering going to Miami or any other destination that US Coachways serves will also find the cost calculator that’s found on their website to be very handy. It will give those organizing the trip a close approximation to what they can expect to pay for this service. To get more specific information on the charter bus trips that US Coachways offers, Telmany says they are always happy to help someone over the phone or quickly return an email inquiry that is sent to them.


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