US Coachways Discusses The Benefits Of Chicago Bus Rental

US Coachways, based in Staten Island, New York, is pleased to offer bus rental facilities in Chicago and wishes to highlight the benefits of this service. The company offers clients a network of charter bus and minibus ground transportation service providers.

As many are aware, Chicago is a great city to travel in as a group. While it has world class museums, excellent music, great food, amazing shopping experiences along Michigan Avenue and more, it is also the third-largest metropolitan area in the US. Given that Chicago is a vast city, one should not visit the city and spend all one’s time fighting traffic, checking the map or looking for a place to park. The best way to travel on a visit to Chicago is in the comfort, luxury and convenience of a charter bus rental from US Coachways. The comfort, convenience and elegance of a charter bus make it the perfect choice for any type of outing in Chicago.

There are many more benefits to using a Chicago bus rental to travel through the city. A rental lets everyone relax, making it a stress-free way to take a group anywhere. Passengers can enjoy the city without having to check a map/GPS or worry about the time. The driver knows how to take the group to any location and will ensure that their passengers arrive on time. A passenger will never have to battle traffic or try to find a place to park or get behind the wheel after a long day of fun either. As they will also travel on the same coach where their luggage is stored, there will not be any worries about missed connections or lost bags.

A charter bus rental offers almost unlimited flexibility as they can create their own itinerary. All one needs to do is inform the company and they will handle the rest and even last-minute changes can be accommodated within reason. One of the great benefits of a charter bus rental is that it offers a high level of safety and security, a factor which has been consistently shown across numerous studies. The journey will have a highly trained and skilled driver. In addition to this, due to the limited access to the bus, the group hiring the bus will be able to monitor who comes and goes, and each passenger’s safety as well as the safety of their belongings can be guaranteed. A charter bus allows every member of a group to travel in comfort. The aisles are wide, seats are spacious and there is more leg space than on any other mode of travel. Being able to take advantage of high occupancy lanes also makes it easier to travel around Chicago.

It is worth noting that charter bus rental is one of the most cost-effective ways to take a group somewhere, as each member will share many of the costs with their fellow passengers. This leaves everyone with a larger budget for personal expenses as well. A charter bus rental is also more eco-friendly. If a group happened to fully occupy a 57-passenger charter bus, that is 20 or more private vehicles that are not on the road. This results in a significant reduction in carbon emissions.

US Coachways has two options for groups travelling on a charter bus. The first is the mini-bus, which is an ideal coach for mid-sized groups, accommodating 24-35 passengers. There is also ample space for personal items. The full-sized bus is the right choice for larger groups, with seating for up to 57 people. Multiple bus rentals are also an option. A charter bus can come with a wide range of modern conveniences, so the client making the booking must clarify with their agent about requirements for the trip. Most coaches have Wi-Fi, charging ports for devices, DVD players and PA systems. Other coaches have high-end sound systems — and some even have on-board bathrooms.

Chicago ranks third among all US cities as a destination for corporate meetings and conventions. Whether it is for corporate and business conventions, conferences, team-building exercises or celebrations, a passenger may travel to the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center or one of the city's many other business meeting locations in confidence with a charter bus rental. These coaches are also ideal for Corporate Bus Rental, as the group can travel together with all the necessary amenities.

US Coachways makes it a point to assess their client’s needs and ensure that they are provided with the right vehicle. The company always considers factors like the time that will be spent in travel, any special items which may need transporting and any unique or special needs of the group. Thanks to their access to an extensive network of charter bus service providers nationwide, they can help virtually every client find the bus that is best suited to their group.

To learn more about US Coachways, one may visit the company’s official website. They can also be contacted directly via phone or email.


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