US Coachways Announces Extensive Los Angeles Charter Bus Rental Safety Precautions In Place

US Coachways has announced that the company is prioritizing and enhancing safety measures with regard to COVID-19 for customers interested in Los Angeles Charter Bus Rental. The company holds passenger and driver safety as being of the most critical importance, the company is taking steps to make sure that it stays in compliance with today’s constantly changing rules and recommendations for all its excursions, including those that are in or to Los Angeles.

Mark Telmany, a spokesman for the company, said “There is no question as to our commitment to COVID safety measures. Everyone in the company is trained about them. And one of the ways that this method of travel is that when one of our buses is chartered – you have the luxury of choosing who the passengers are and how many are allowed. In addition to our cleaning processes and disinfection protocols, this means the safety of our guests is at the top of mind in everything that we do.”

Obviously, Los Angeles is an extremely popular choice of destination for many people as there is a great deal of glamour and history there. It is possible to charter a bus in order to travel to Los Angeles as well as to travel within or from Los Angeles. Detailed information is available on the US Coachways website.

In addition, the company has put a Cost Calculator on the website so that those considering the possibility of traveling by chartered bus can see how much the prospective trip would cost. “Whether charter clients are considering traveling with less than 15 people or whether they are considering 36 or more, you can see cost permutations for the options with the calculator. This is clearly helpful in developing detailed travel plans,” Mr. Leslie continued. “Passengers will know what the basic cost is before ever contacting us to make a booking.”

Los Angeles is known as the film and entertainment “capital” of the USA and it’s also notorious for being a city with a huge amount of traffic, even in the challenging times and the scenarios the world is facing. A professional driver handling the traffic and navigating through the city’s challenges makes the experience far more relaxing and fun for most people.

It is certainly very comfortable and convenient to travel on a coach. It is also a safe mode of transportation. Drivers are trained in safety protocols and are also required to use their Personal Protective Equipment. US Coachways either meets or exceeds the recommendations for COVID protection that the CDC and/or state and local authorities require.

As examples, buses are disinfected with bleach wipes and Lysol,and drivers are also asked to wipe down the following after passengers leave the bus: Handrails; Bathroom Handles; Seat Handles; Inside Luggage Compartment; and Handles & Rails.

Additionally, they are even asked to disinfect their steering wheels and dashboard cup holders.

Cathy Stephenson, who recently chartered a trip to Los Angeles via US Coachways said that she was concerned at first that taking such a trip would leave her organization to lose money if the trip fell through for some reason. “We decided to go ahead when we found that the company has instituted a policy that you can get a refund and a reschedule if the trip is canceled 48 hours or more before the scheduled departure.”

US Coachways of course understands that additional booking questions/concerns may arise due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Thus they have updated their Worry Free Booking Policy. Their website gives full details on both cancellation protocols and their other guarantees. Other guarantees include timely pickup from the departure place, amenities that will function on the bus, and other assurances.

“We absolutely strive to embody what we call the ‘gold standard’ of customer rights,” Mr. Leslie said. “When someone books a coach they are able to control the passengers, the route, and obviously also the destination. In the age of COVID clients also can chose to hire the company that is most concerned with keeping its clients as safe as humanly possible.” More information on the company’s approach is located at Those interested can also contact the company by phone 24 hours a day and 7 days a week at 1-855-287-2427.


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