US Answering Service Expands Capacity To Increase Services For Small Business Owners

USAnswer, a business answering service, has taken the initiative to expand capacity in order to handle increased demand from businesses that require phone services. This increase in demand is considered a direct result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Learn more about USAnswer on their website.

The company, founded in 2012 by Laurence Kelly, offers a range of services that include live call answering via virtual receptionists and front office business services (such as messaging, scheduling, email services and handling meeting setup). These services allow entrepreneurs, budding businesses and any home-grown company to focus on building their business with no interruptions and no accumulation of overhead costs for a team or office space. In the words of the company, as stated on LinkedIn, “We are real people offering a real service that your business needs.”

Due to the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, tradesmen such as plumbers and electricians as well as construction companies, domestic and commercial utility service companies have experienced an increase in service requests and phone calls. USAnswer currently deals with a large volume of calls from their existing clientele, and they have risen to the challenge of handling the new influx of calls. In order to handle the new requests for their services, the company has taken steps to expand the current number of staff, and they have also extended their phone capacity.

USAnswer provides high quality service to their clientele, as seen in their many positive reviews. In a 5-Star Google review, Dr. Robert Schachter states, “I don't usually take my time to write reviews, but these people are worth it. I am a Psychologist with a New York City practice, and I wanted a personal touch when someone called my office. I searched for such a service, and by sheer luck, I chose US Answer. They have exceeded what I imagined good service could be by such a margin, that I am grateful every time one of the personable, friendly and knowledgeable receptionists lets me know that someone is on the line. I give them the highest possible commendation.”

Given the unpredictability caused by the pandemic, the increased phone capacity and services provided by USAnswer allows many small businesses to maintain a positive rapport with their clientele without losing time or incurring additional costs in this critical period. As a company that has been in business for over seven years, USAnswer has grown in leaps and bounds, upgrading progressively in order to keep up with the evolving demands of their clientele.

As seen on their website,, the company does not identify as just a call center or service but rather as the client’s ‘personal’ receptionist. The company’s advanced cloud-based system, professional and engaging staff and reasonable rates ensure quality service catered towards the requirements of the client. In their own words, the company functions as the ‘front desk’ of small businesses.

A 5-Star Google review by Jim Nash endorses the company with great satisfaction. He states, “As an elected official with a platform built on sustainability, USAnswer is a great service. There is no more sustainable office than a virtual office.” The company is physically based in Portland, Maine but has successfully expanded their services throughout the region and beyond.

The company boasts a clientele that includes Law offices, CPA and Accounting Offices and professional trades. With the increased demand from professional trades such as construction services and electrical or plumbing services, USAnswer allows these businesses to keep up with the increasing calls for their services without being attached to their phones. All staff are equipped with fact sheets about the client companies to ensure a familiarity with the business that offers no obstacles to the business’ growth. A live receptionist has been shown to positively impact a business as well, as it allows swift handling of appointments, customer concerns and any emergencies that may arise.

A review on the company Facebook page, by Dawn Fernandes, reiterates the company slogan. The review states, “Simplify, save and succeed. Hire USAnswer today as your front door professional receptionist. Highly recommended, Kelly is incredible.”

More information regarding the services provided by USAnswer can be found on the company’s website. Those interested may also contact the company via phone call, email or social media.


For more information about USAnswer, contact the company here:

Laurence Kelly
415 Congress St. #202
Portland, Maine 04101