Uploria Pet World Gets A Big Thank You From The Barnardo's Children Charity

Uploria Pet World is an online company that specializes in providing health supplements for people’s beloved pets. It’s also a company that likes to give back to the communities that it serves. Evidence of this is that they recently made a significant donation to the Barnardo's Children Charity. A charity that’s well-known known for protecting, supporting, and nurturing the UK's most vulnerable children. This charity’s efforts when it comes to fostering, protecting, and supporting the youth across the United Kingdom would not be possible without the support of its many donors such as Uploria Pet World. The Barnardo's Children Charity was so pleased with the amount it generated from the items that Uploria Pet World donated, that a personalized thank you note was sent to Carol Cole, the Manager Director of the company.

That letter read:


“Dear Mrs. Cole

“Donor Reference: 3180465

“Thank you very much for bringing your pre-loved items to your local Barnardo's Store and agreeing to gift aid your donation of goods.

“You agree that we would contact you at the end of the tax year, which runs from 6th April 2020 to 5th April 2021 and lets you know how much you raised from selling your goods.

“I am pleased to tell you that proceeds from selling your goods have raised £661.87 (net of commission and VAT) which will allow the charity to reclaim gift aid of £165.47 in the tax year to 5th April 2021.

“Thank you again for your generous donations. Last year Barnardo's helped over 358,000 children, young people, and families across our 800 services around the UK.

“Yours Sincerely, Michael Lucking
“Head of Retail Finance”

In addition to being a company that likes to give back, Uploria Pet World has a solid reputation when it comes to the pet supplements that it offers. Cole stated that they are an independent online store that is pleased to offer the best and most uniquely targeted products in an attempt to help people keep their cherished pets as healthy as possible. The company realizes that pets have no way of expressing their pain and discomfort, so keeping them healthy is the best way to also keep them happy. She added that they only carry quality pet supplements because most people feel their pets deserve nothing but the best. They also offer a wide variety of health products that address pet issues that indicate a pet is unwell.

The Manager Director of the company mentioned that pets, just like people, need to take supplements that help maintain their health. That’s why the company offers such pet supplements as their popular multivitamin capsules for dogs, omega oil capsules for dogs, and probiotic tablets for dogs. Other products such as their hip & joint tablets for dogs and hip & joint powder for dogs help to keep known pet problem areas in a healthy condition. When a dog is not feeling well, products such as their fast-acting diarrhea relief for dogs, UTI tablets for urinary & kidney problems, and their calming tablets for dogs can prove very useful. For more detailed information on and for ordering any of the pet supplements that Uploria Pet world offers, customers can refer to the company website at https://uploria-pet-world.com. This website also features many blogs that have information on how people can best keep their dogs healthy and even how to lower a pet’s stress level.

Cole added that their products can only be obtained by using their online ordering system but this could not be simpler to do. A customer just has to select the pet supplements that they want and the quantity and this will go into their shopping basket. Once the pet owner has finished selecting items, they just need to provide some simple contact and shipping information and then make a payment. She added that they accept several different payment methods and all of these transactions are done using secure encryption. The pet supplements and other pet products that they sell are also 100% satisfaction guaranteed and they have customer service representatives online 24-hours a day to offer assistance to their customers.


For more information about Uploria Pet World, contact the company here:

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