Uploria Pet World Enters The eBay For Business Awards 2021

UK based Uploria Pet World is delighted to announce that they will be entering The eBay for Business Awards 2021, which is designed to celebrate and assist the progress of businesses across the UK. Learn more about the company, their products and their vision for the future at the following link: https://uploria-pet-world.com.

The team at Uploria first began offering their high-quality supplements as a way to improve the lives of pets as far and wide as possible. Owned, operated and staffed by pet lovers, the company has made it their mission to offer the best possible service to their customers, confident in the fact that good service will inevitably benefit their customers’ pets in some way, directly or otherwise. Having overcome many obstacles in the past year to keep their business afloat without compromising on their standards, they believe that they deserve a place among the winners of The eBay for Business Awards.


Carol Cole of Uploria Pet World states, “We will be sharing our story, talking about how we started the business and why our passion for what we do continues to burn strong to this day. We will also be going over our ups and downs of 2020 and 2021 with the virus, especially regarding the steps we took to survive the lockdown. We were fortunate to learn much from the businesses that excelled around us, so it is our sincere hope that our story will give others the insight they need to flourish as well.

2021 marks the fifth consecutive year of The eBay for Business Awards, which will be giving away more than £50,000 to 12 winners in several categories. The Grand Prize winner will receive a total of £20,000 (including their category prize win), along with advice and support from the organization’s eBay teams. The 12 category winners will also be receiving cash boosts with free eBay customer service and tailored business support. Uploria believes that they have a strong chance of being recognised for their efforts over the past year, and they attribute much of their success to their positive relationship with their customers.

Reviews left online, for instance, help explain why their products are so beloved among their community. A cursory glance at their Amazon page alone will reveal that the company enjoys high ratings across most (if not all) of their products. More than half of the reviews posted for the Uploria Pet World Joint Supplements For Dogs & Cats award the product a full 5-Star rating, and customers generally praise it for doing exactly what it claims to on the box: offer pets a tasty treat that bestows pain relief. Customers also appreciate that Uploria’s products are priced to be affordable — this is important to the company since they want nothing more than to make their life-changing products as accessible as possible to benefit pets around the world.

One such review from UK customer Jade D. states, “I was skeptical at using this product but after seeing the reviews, I thought I would give them a go for my 14 year old Collie, who has arthritis. I was given pain relief from the vets for her, but I couldn't get her to eat more than one tablet, even crushed up and hidden in her food, so I gave these a go. Three days in, and I've already noticed a huge improvement. I am giving her four a day, two crushed up with her food in the morning and then at tea time. She was having trouble with her back leg and was holding it up in pain but now she's walking on it and once again has more energy. Really pleased with these tablets.”

Another review adds that, “My dog is the fussiest one for his tablets, but he needs help with his arthritis. Luckily, he was able to eat these tablets crushed in his food. The company I bought them from sent me a thank you for my order, and it was delivered quickly. I'm happy. My beloved dog has been on these tablets for a couple of weeks now. He will be eight next month, and he is acting like a puppy again. His arthritis is bad, really bad. I would do anything for him, so it looks like I would be reordering from you. Thank you.”

More information regarding the company and their products can be found on their official website. Carol Cole of Uploria Pet World may be reached for further details as well.


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