Upflex Launches Team Collaboration Features

Based in Manhattan, New York, Upflex Inc. is the world’s first coworking network for teams. The company’s goal is to reduce office costs for businesses while making employees more flexible at the same time, and they work with businesses of all sizes.

Upflex has now added team collaboration to their program. Christophe Garnier, the company's CEO says, “Companies can now see where their teammates are working. The next time a business opens the Upflex app, they will be able to see which spaces have been booked by teammates for each day.”

Upflex says that the new Team Collaboration Feature is great for when teammates are trying to decide which space to book. When using Upflex, companies will begin to see new information and options on the map, in the filters, and on spaces’ profile pages.

New Map Markers are also included. The Booked by Team Marker is a marker with a person that has a solid line around them. This means that a teammate has booked this particular space in the past. Upflex says that this is a great way to be confident that this particular workspace will be good for teammates, or to know that they can ask a particular colleague about their experience.

The Team Member Here marker is a flashing marker with a person that means that one of the teammates has booked this space for today. If a teammate is looking to do some collaborative work, or just does not want to work alone, they can now easily see where their other teammates will be for the day.

“There is also a new Booked by Team search filter,” says Garnier. “This option, when turned on, shows only spaces that teammates have booked in the past. Users will also begin to see spaces booked by their team recommended on the home screen right on the Upflex app. And when you look at a Space’s profile, you’ll now see the Booked by Team or Team Member Here tag under the space’s name and address for all applicable spaces. Remember, Team Member Here means someone has booked this space today, so you might want to reach out to them to confirm what time they’ll be there, so you don’t miss them.” Garnier says that the new features are going to make it much easier for teams to collaborate with other team members.

Upflex was designed to help companies with the constant changes in their industry by reducing costs and by making a positive impact on the environment. The platform allows companies of any size to find workspaces more quickly, which ultimately saves them resources, time, and money. Companies can provide remote employees with offices instead of simply working from their own homes, which alleviates the feelings of loneliness that often accompany remote employment.

Upflex Inc. is the largest network of coworking spaces, having more than 5,500 locations today. The platform’s features are typically divided into two sections, the dashboard for employers and a separate app for employees. This app can quickly and easily be downloaded to a smartphone and provides teammates with the ability to book desks or meeting rooms around the globe. The app allows users to search based on a number of filters including location, inventory type, amenities, and other options. The app also includes geo-fencing to allow users to automatically check out of their booked space in the event that they forget to do so manually. Upflex states that all of the spaces that are currently available for booking on the app have been curated and designed for overall productivity of employees.

Employers or employees who would like to learn more about this innovative app can visit Upflex Inc. on their official website. The website offers contact information as well as more about the new teammate collaboration and other features that are included with Upflex’s technology.


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