Unlocking The Body Provides Massage Therapy In Puyallup

Puyallup, WA based Unlocking the Body Massage Therapy is pleased to announce that they are ready to deliver their massage therapy services during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Unlocking the Body Massage Therapy is a Puyallup massage therapy center dedicated to improving one’s health.

Unlocking the Body understands that the current times are very challenging for many of their clients who require massage therapy services as a means of winding down or even dealing with chronic aches and so on. In light of this, they will continue to provide massage care services on all days except Sunday. However, they want to inform their clients that the working hours may have slight changes during their days of service. Unlocking the Body also wants to assure their clients that they will be taking the proper precautions to ensure the safety of their staff and their visitors.

For instance, those who wish to receive massage therapy services from Unlocking the Body are required to wear masks both in common areas and during the actual massage. Those who suffer from claustrophobia issues while facing down are accommodated with modified protection that can be worn while face down. They also have guidelines informing their clients on when they need to postpone treatment. Unlocking the Body asks their clients to stay home if they have experienced any of the following symptoms: fever, cough, general feelings of unwellness, respiratory issues, body aches and loss of smell or taste. They also advise people who have travelled on an airplane in the past 15 days and those who have compromised immune systems to postpone massage care and stay home. Other conditions may also apply, and they are asking their clients to use a common sense approach in making an informed decision regarding their appointment for massage therapy. When in doubt, it may be better to postpone.

Unlocking the Body offers a wide variety of massage therapy services that are useful for boosting one’s health. These services include active isolated stretching, craniosacral therapy, fascial stretch therapy, medical massage therapy, Thai yoga massage and much more. Unlocking the Body employs a number of expert practitioners who have years of experience and have undergone strict training to master in their respective skills. These, in addition to continuous education, allows their practitioners to help clients with even the most complex issues.

Each therapist also has a specific specialty that they are most skilled at doing. This approach allows Unlocking the Body to assign a practitioner who is most suited for dealing with each specific situation. They want only the best for their clients and so will not recommend therapies for the sake of making a profit — they will only advise what they believe is the most helpful for their clients health. Their dedication to excellent customer service is also one of the primary reasons why they provide top-quality services at affordable prices. Unlocking the Body also assists clients who wish to use their insurance to pay for massage therapy treatments. They facilitate this process by checking their clients’ benefits, helping them receive prescriptions from doctors and billing the insurance directly. This allows their clients to focus on receiving treatment and relaxing instead of thinking about the payment.

Unlocking the Body Massage Therapy has received positive reviews for the services they provide.

Aurea Dones says in a 5-Star Google review, “This place is awesome! They have the best hours of operation, they are open Monday-Sunday and even have evening hours. They have appointments available at times no one else has. I have had appointments with a few different employees and have always left feeling a million times better than when I came in. I have never left disappointed, and I always come back for more. Once you start, you will not be able to stop coming here. Their $45 cash price can't be beat either. I recommend this place to everyone I know.”

Meanwhile, Karina M. says in another 5-Star Google review, “I've been trying to find a massage therapy clinic that has availability during COVID, and Unlocking the Body was the place! I was recommended here by a friend and haven't been disappointed! I really love seeing Whitney English, she really does a good job with the deep tissue and getting my troubled areas. I've also seen Charlie, and I wasn't disappointed either, I actually found myself snoring during my session. They also sell candles, which are the best! Their candles don't smell artificial. Others actually liked the Confetti Frosting one I bought so much that it was stolen from me. The front desk staff (didn't catch their names unfortunately) are friendly too. They were all super informative and do whatever they can to help you.”

Those looking for a massage clinic near Tacoma may check out Unlocking the Body Massage Therapy’s website for more details. The clinic can also be reached through their social media channels.


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