University HQ Releases the 55 Best Business Administration Programs and Schools

University HQ—regarded as a leading higher learning resource center for post-secondary education—today released its list of the Top 55 Business Administration Programs for 2020. The revolutionary higher learning resource center reports its Top 55 Business Administration Programs rankings through a proprietary rating system. The list features a variety of colleges and universities with high retention and graduation percentages in business administration degree programs.

University HQ compiled its list for 2020 based on a variety of variables made available through officially published and distributed information. The data types were carefully selected based on a variety of aspects regarding the overall quality of the educational experience and graduate’s long-term opportunities.

The list of the top 10 business administration programs can be found here. Each visitor is able to review the list without any requirement for registration. Greater details regarding each college or university are available on the site, as well as far more information about a career in business administration and other business-related careers.

Colleges and universities that specialize in business administration from every region of the country are represented. The size of the program and the type of higher learning institution will also vary based on the quality and cost of the programs. The variety of business administration degree programs available was also taken into consideration.

University HQ’s Top 55 Business Administration Programs 2020 List

Stanford University secured the No. 1 spot due to its world-class recognition and dedication to a superior quality of education, as well as the specific focus of each MBA type. Harvard University came in second with help from its outstanding reputation alongside its option of several MBA concentrations and the offering of a PhD in business administration.

The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania is third on the list with the school featuring many top-ranking alumni and a well-rounded curriculum with a large number of business school participants. The University of Virginia holds the No. 4 spot, in part, due to its exceptionally diverse group of program participants and alumni in over 90 countries.

Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management ranks fifth with its flexibility in location learning, dual degree alternatives, and unique learning environments. Columbia University earned the sixth spot as students have access to more experiential learning opportunities. The University of California at Berkeley is No. 7 as it features one of the only extensive undergraduate business administration programs.

The University of California at Los Angeles offers some truly unique MBA concentrations thus securing its eighth ranking. The University of Chicago is ninth with help from its internships and global network. And the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor completes the top 10 as it features both exceptional undergraduate and graduate business administration programs.

best 55 business administration programs from University HQ

About University HQ’s Top 55 Business Administration Programs 2020 List

University HQ compiled its list of the Top 55 Business Administration Programs 2020 through a proprietary ranking system that includes various data types and data sets. The leading higher learning resource center analyzed colleges and universities that specialize in business administration at any degree level.

It was also important that a variety of high-quality and affordable degree programs were available. Additional data types were also included such as graduation rates, cost of education, the average salary for graduates, acceptance rates, online reviews, location of the program, and online programs offered.

About University HQ

University HQ is an independent organization leading the industry in providing a comprehensive set of information for all students who wish to pursue higher learning at any level. The site is an all-in-one resource center featuring in-depth details to answer any potential questions students may have, from entrance requirements and graduation rates to regional expected earnings and job descriptions.

While University HQ has provided information on some of the best schools for business administration, the highly respected post-secondary resource center also recognizes the importance of each program participant finding the best school for their individual needs. As a result, University HQ offers a wide array of information students find essential to be able to make the best possible choice for themselves. That is why University HQ offers not only information on the top healthcare administration programs, but detailed information on what undergraduate and graduate students should expect out of their education, early career, and upward career path.


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