University HQ Released the 55 Best Computer Science Schools and Programs

University HQ—regarded as a leading higher learning resource center for undergraduate and graduate students—today released its list of the Top 55 Computer Science School Programs. The all-in-one college and university resource center created this list of top computer science degrees through the use of a proprietary ranking system. The list features numerous types of learning institutions with top computer science degree programs.

University HQ best 55 computer science programs

University HQ compiled its list based on a number of variables acquired through published and public information. The selection of data types was highly strategic and calculated to have the most informational impact on overall educational experience and opportunities for future employment. All visitors to the site are welcome to examine the list without having to register or provide any personal information. Throughout the site, students or parents will also be able to find details regarding each college and university, information on careers in computer science, where to find computer science school scholarships and additional relevant data.

Colleges and universities from nearly every region of the country are represented on the list. School programs of various sizes and both public and private higher learning institutions are represented. A few degrees have NSA and Department of Homeland Security’s National Center of Academic Excellence (NCAE) endorsement.

University HQ’s Top 55 Computer Science Degrees
Stanford University landed the No. 1 ranking due to the prestigious reputation of the computer science department on a global scale. The University of Washington at Seattle came in at No. 2 with the help of the grant money and contracts they receive in the computer science department each year.

Carnegie Mellon University is third on the list as they offer a wide array of interdisciplinary degrees combining computer science and other fields, as well as several computer science minors. The University of California at Davis is No. 4 with an extensive alumni network and exceptional research opportunities.

The University of California at San Diego is fifth on the list with the help of their dual degree alternatives and helpful advising assistance. John Hopkins University made No. 6, largely due to the high caliber of the program and reputable employment opportunities upon graduation. Hobart William Smith Colleges is featured at No. 7 due to the many well-rounded and balanced aspects of each degree.

The University of California at Berkeley comes in at No. 8 as each degree centers around collaboration and hands-on experience. The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is No. 9 due to the highly technical and advanced nature of the computer science programs. And the University of California at Los Angeles rounds out the top 10, in part due to the high demand of applicants for each online and campus computer science degree every year.

About University HQ’s Top 55 Computer Science Programs List

University HQ compiled its list of computer science colleges through a proprietary ranking system. The leading college and university resource center analyzed and reviewed hundreds of higher learning institutions specializing in computer science. The quality of education and overall services and program offerings were taken into consideration along with additional data types including the strength of alumni networks, online programs, former student reviews, acceptance rates, lab availability, research and employment opportunities, retention rates, graduation rates, average graduates salary, and more.

About University HQ

University HQ is an independent organization leading the industry in providing comprehensive information for all students who wish to pursue higher learning at any level. The site is an all-in-one resource center featuring intricate and in-depth details to answer any lingering question potential students may have, from entrance requirements and graduation rates to expected earnings and job descriptions.

While it is a priority of University HQ to feature many of the best programs across the US, the highly respected post-secondary resource center also recognizes the importance of each individual being able to find the best school for their unique needs. As a result, University HQ offers a vast array of information students find helpful to make the best possible choice for their own educational endeavors.


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