Uncontested Divorce Mediator SplitSimple Chooses Eveline Marks for 2021 Social Work Scholarship

SplitSimple, an organization in Denver that offers uncontested divorce mediation, has chosen Eveline Marks as the winner of their $500 social work scholarship contest for 2021. Contest participants had to submit an essay that reveals their inspiration for studying social work. They also needed to have a GPA of 3.0 or higher and submit a letter of recommendation and unofficial transcript of grades. Eveline is currently one year into her Master of Social Work studies at Texas State University. She plans to apply a holistic approach when counseling children and adolescents struggling with trauma and mental health issues, including those with “tumultuous home lives.” She intends to include nutrition and cognitive behavioral therapy into her counseling sessions while applying a strengths-based empowerment perspective.

She adds, “Now more than ever with an unmistakably heavy social media presence, kids are learning to compare themselves with others in every way, at every click of a button. This heightens already existing anxieties about body image, popularity amongst peers, and creates an unattainable illusion of success that can be damaging to anyone that spends too much time immersed in this world, adults included. I want to help kids learn how to create healthy boundaries, not only with their families, friends, and peers, but with social media—to scroll with intention and recognize what types of media they choose to give their attention to regularly.”

Eveline Marks, SplitSimple Scholarship Winner 2021

Eveline Marks revealed that she has firsthand experience on how social media apps can be so damaging for those who are suffering from low self-esteem, depression, or have a distorted view of themselves. She plans to teach children to love themselves and to set certain limits to the time and energy that they spend on social media. She realizes that children are especially vulnerable to the influence of social media, particularly when they don’t have the ability to request for help in the way that adults can.

She also wants to learn how to use music, art, and animal therapy to help young people struggling with damaging coping mechanisms because she believes that such creative and emotional outlets are vital for the healing process. She has recently volunteered as a piano teacher with an organization that helps foster children in Austin. She has also interned for the school social worker at a local high school where she was able to establish small group interventions for girls who are struggling with eating disorders, sexual assault, dating violence, body image issues, and grief. These experiences have further inspired her to continue with the pursuit of her MSW at Texas State University.

Meanwhile, at SplitSimple, they believe their task is not to eliminate the emotions that come with divorce but rather to come up with a fair and equitable agreement that benefits both parties and their children so that they can move on with their lives. The divorce mediators are focused on saving time and money for their clients and they have the track record to prove that they are indeed capable of providing that through the divorce mediation process.

People interested in learning more about the scholarship contest and/or the uncontested divorce mediation services can visit the SplitSimple website, or contact them on the phone or through email.


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