Umbrella Labs: Differentiating SR9011 From SARMs

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Tucson, AZ based Umbrella Labs is helping the community identify the differences between SR9011 and Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators, otherwise known as SARMs. The company has noted some confusion on the subject, and they advise interested parties to get in touch if they require further clarification.

While the substance is recognized and grouped with SARMs, it is not, strictly speaking, a SARM and it is just one of many compounds that are misclassified as SARMs. Other substances like SR-9009, MK677, GW-0742 and GW-501516 are also grouped SARMS but are structurally different, and Umbrella Labs it is important to distinguish them from each other. SR9011 in particular is not a natural research chemical and is, instead, a synthetic chemical compound created in a lab, so it is crucial to understand its properties and effects.

The compound is a REV-ERB agonist, and these are known to function very differently from SARMs. There have been no clinical trials either, and the SR9011 compound has not been approved for human use (though there are several preclinical animal studies in progress at the moment). REV-ERB proteins are responsible for monitoring blood glucose levels, monitoring body fat, digesting sugars and breaking down cartilage. Animal studies have shown that SR9011 enters the liver where it alters several genes, such as those which control glucose production and metabolism, fat production and metabolism as well as oxygen usage. Other SARMs bind with androgen receptors in an animal’s muscle and bone tissue, leading to changes in its DNA. SR9011 binds with the liver itself where it creates change on a cellular level and rewrites DNA in a variety of unique ways.

SR9011, by changing which genes are turned on and off, affects glucose production, fat cell growth and sleep patterns. In some of the pre-clinical studies that have been undertaken, SR9011 has been found to have a number of benefits, like increased resting metabolism and reduced fat storage in rats. It also led to the rapid development of lean muscle in animals during testing along with reduced recovery time after exercise.

Despite all its potential benefits, SR9011 has side effects. Like all pharmaceuticals, the compound may cause certain adverse effects, but it is as yet unclear what those might be due to the only studies so far having been performed exclusively on animals. However, it is possible to extrapolate from the effect of the compound on lab animals, and it was found that mice would be more active during the hours when they would normally be asleep. This has the potential to be dangerous (as there is a level of danger inherent to any process that alters an animal’s sleep cycle).

SR9011, based on the results of the pre-clinical trials that have been completed, seems promising, and researchers around the world are interested in finding out just how the compound works. More testing is needed, but experts say that the outlook is positive. Umbrella Labs is one of the entities that is interested in the potential that SR9011 holds, and the lab’s mindful approach to putting true and accurate research first may prove instrumental in the development of SR9011.

Umbrella Labs has a number of highly effective, tried and tested compounds available for sale. The company states, “Buying SARMs and peptides online that are pure and also just as important concentrated accurately can seem like a daunting task, but Umbrella Labs’ technology in chemistry verification is here to help. By harnessing new-generation mass spectrometry analysis, we can augment our purity assessments by enhancing sensitivity and adding a new dimension of measurement. Without question, our LC/MS-MS approach offers better quality assurance and control than conventional HPLC-UV alone. This is especially crucial for analysis of SARMs, many of which exist as diastereomeric mixtures.”

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They add, “Quantitative resolution of these mixtures demands highly sensitive instrumentation, such as our triple-quadrupole spectrometer. Method development, data acquisition/processing and report generation are performed using fully licensed, comprehensive chromatography system software in order to comply with regulatory data integrity requirements. Our proprietary processes ensures that Umbrella offers only the very best SARMS for sale and peptides for sale on the market today.”

Umbrella Labs currently holds a number of certificates of authenticity showing that their products are trustworthy and of the highest quality. Interested parties may visit their website to browse their inventory, learn more about SARMs and peptides and confirm the authenticity of their products.


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