Ultimate Flags Inc Celebrates Labor Day

As Labor Day fast approaches, Ultimate Flags Inc celebrates, honors and recognizes the labor movement in the United States. The achievements of the American worker too varied to list here, but the company is proud to be able to join in the festivities.

In addition, the company understands that it is due to the hard work, commitment and dedication shown by the American worker that it is able to thrive. As has been stated many times before, the company is American owned by descendants of Paul Revere, a metalsmith in his own right and proud American worker.

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Said company spokesperson J. Hough, "Anyone who is looking to celebrate Labor Day and the American worker should get a banner or flag. The display will let everyone know that you stand beside the worker in this annual event."

Added G. Hough, company owner, "many of our flags are made by the very people we celebrate. Even the flags items we import create jobs for American workers.” He continued, “In order to make our flags, we have to apply our work ethic, commitment to quality and business know-how.”

This is fully in line with the company’s belief that the American worker must be placed first. The American workers’ plans, ideas, risks, and ingenuity is what sets them apart from any other worker in the world.

Labor Day is a celebration to recognize and honor the people who make the economy work. Said J. Hough, “Without these great people going to work every day, without these people being willing to put forth their best effort, our country’s economy would not be where it is today, especially with how things are shaping up currently. It is the American worker who continues to carry the economy on his or her back.”

Ultimate Flags is a company in Okeechobee, Florida; proudly American owned, proudly making custom banners and flags and delivering them everywhere in the world.


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