Ultimate Flags Honors Local Veterans

Ultimate Flags Inc, based in Okeechobee, Florida, has honored several local veterans on Veterans Day by providing them with both American flags and flags from the branch of service in which they served. Jonica and Glenn Hough, owners of Ultimate Flags, presented several veterans with flags at a breakfast meeting on Veterans Day morning on November 11. Jonica Hough stated, " I wanted to honor the veterans because both of my parents served in the Air Force." We hope to make this an annual tradition. It was my honor to sit with these brave men.”

Jonica and Glenn Hough bought the flag company from the man who founded the business on July 4, 1997. Technically, it’s an online business but customers may pick up their orders if they want to. They gave away about 10 flags on Veterans Day. While they initially planned to give away more, some of the veterans were not able to join the breakfast meeting, so the flags were delivered to those veterans at home.

Ultimate Flags honors Local Veterans

Ultimate Flags Inc offers flags that proudly symbolize patriotism. Custom flags may be ordered from the company in any size or quantity. Just like the flags, these flags signify a cause, such as a vote for a particular politician or love of country. Meanwhile, those who are interested in learning more about the donation of flags to veterans may want to see story in local newspaper.

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Military/ Police/ 1st responder flags include: US Army flags; US Air Force flags; US Coast Guard flags; US Marine Corps flags; US Navy flags; Airborne flags; POW/ MIA flags; Service Honoring flags; Veterans’ Flags; Merchant Marines flags; and other military signs, hats, gear, and more.

Jonica Hough stated, "We hope to make this Veterans Day Breakfast an annual tradition. It was my honor to present these brave men with flags and enjoy a meal with them.”


Those who are interested in flags may want to check out the Ultimate Flags Inc website or contact them on the phone or through email. They also want to check them out on FB.


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