UK Distributor For The Multihead Weigher Platform Makes Inroads With Clients

Cumbria, United Kingdom-based Multiweigh UK is pleased to announce that they are offering top-quality multihead weigher platforms and precision weighing machines to their clientbase. The Multiweigh group, founded in 2001, has built upon the ideas of the original inventors of the machine to create new innovations and provide exceptional multihead weighers. Learn more here: Multihead Weigher Platform.

Multihead weighers are weighing machines that work quickly, accurately and precisely. The concept of multihead weighers was originally invented and developed by Ishida, but have been much improved since my Multiweigh UK. The weighers by Multiweigh provide combined accuracy with great German build quality and are well-suited for precise, accurate and rapid weighing of products of all sizes, ranging from granulates to huge and bulky products. Multiweigh machines have been developed over several years. They feature high performance, high accuracy, tight tolerance, great build quality, incredibly low running and maintenance costs, great cost to performance ratio, 0.5 to 10 litre hopper capacity, up to IP67 protections and a wide range of filling options.

The company also provides businesses with reliable and cost effective weighing and packing solutions. They achieve this by supplying weighing machines that have benefits which outweigh the cost of implementation and by offering service that is better than their competition. They enable companies to avoid being overwhelmed by opportunities.

Multihead weighers are most commonly used in the food industry, which needs to weigh ingredients/food accurately and precisely. However, multihead weighers can also be utilized for other industries. Multiweigh machines can be used to add a mix of salad leaves at set, accurate weights into bags or trays. They can weigh multiple items into one container or into several containers. They can also be used to package plastic components, such as golf tees and bottle tops. In addition, they can count products (using counting software) to ensure that the number of items per pack is always right. They can also be used safely in wet and high-risk environments with their IP67 protection ratings.

Clients looking for a multihead weigher for sale can choose from a wide range of weighing machines at Multiweigh to purchase the perfect machine that is best suited for their requirements. Multiweigh UK offers equipment which are capable of weighing many different product types, such as leafy salad vegetables, frozen food, dry produce, cooked produce and more.

The company also has their clients covered in case of breakdowns and the need for spare parts. They understand that downtime can greatly impact their clients’ business as their machines have the capacity to weigh thousands of packs per hour. To combat this, they provide a 12-month guarantee for each and every one of their machines. This guarantee also comes with a no-quibble warranty as well as a full service and spare parts package.

Multiweigh UK has more than 100 installations in the UK alone. They have the background and experience of working in food and packaging industries for several years. Their experience allows them to create the best multihead weighing solution for their clients’ businesses. Their clients also receive the benefit of the company’s experience in setting up complete and reliable automated weighing systems.

One of the largest benefits that Multiweigh’s clients receive is increased profit. Without multihead weighers, it is difficult to pack specific and precise amounts of products into small bags. Many businesses will have to use pre-made bags and then weigh the products either by hand or with a small linear weigher. The workers at these businesses will have to weigh, fill and seal bags by hand. Even if they are fast, the packs that a worker can produce per hour is very limited.

On the other hand, if businesses use even just the entry-level 10 head Multiweigh UK multihead weigher together with a feed system, a vertical form fill and a seal bagging machine, they will be able to pack thousands of packs per hour even with only a few people on the staff. This is a drastic increase in productivity — and this is only using the entry-level multihead weigher. If businesses use multihead weighers with more heads, they will be able to produce even more packs per hour. Multiweigh UK has a simple goal — providing their clients with multihead weighers that pay for themselves. Thanks to the drastic increase in productivity, the company usually achieves this goal within the first 9-12 months.

Those interested in purchasing multihead weighing equipment may want to check out Multiweigh UK’s website for complete details. Furthermore, clients may connect with them via social media to stay up to date with their news and announcements.


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