U Guard Security Provides Non-Lethal Self Defense Products In Lebanon, GA

U-Guard Security Products LLC, an Atlanta, Georgia-based supplier of self-defense products, would like to announce the launch of their new line of self-defense products. The company’s less lethal stun guns for personal use and personal self-defense offer ways to fend off potential attackers without inflicting lethal damage. The company’s products all come from well known, trustworthy suppliers that are known for producing very high quality products.

“No matter how safe your neighborhood is, it never hurts to have ways of defending yourself,” says the company. “Not everyone has the time or ability to learn a martial art, and a few karate kicks may not be enough to protect you against a mugger twice your size. Also, many people are uneasy about owning a gun, let alone actually using one against a living human being and potentially doing lethal damage. This is why it is important to invest in effective, non-lethal self-defense tools. At U-Guard, we have a wide selection of self-defense products from well known, trustworthy manufacturers. Our products are one way to feel safe almost anywhere you go, secure in the knowledge that you can protect yourself from attackers.”

One of the products available at U-Guard, stun guns, can incapacitate attackers without doing serious damage. A stun gun is an electroshock weapon that incapacitates its target by delivering an electric shock that temporarily disables or disrupts the target’s muscle functions or inflicts pain without causing significant injury. These types of self-defense devices exist in multiple forms, and they are legal in most states in the United States. Only Hawaii and Rhode Island have laws restricting the possession and use of stun guns for civilian self-defense. Many states that previously outlawed the possession and use of stun guns have updated and changed their laws regarding civilians owning stun guns.

Tasers are different from stun guns but the laws surrounding the two are similar in most states. U-Guard supplies both and civilians can usually be sure that if their state allows them to possess a stun gun then the possession of a Taser is legal as well. U-Guard has collected and compiled all the relevant information, and one can consult their quick reference guide on stun guns.

The self-defense product supplier also has a number of other tools available that can help keep their customers safe. Pepper spray, a chemical compound that irritates the eyes and causes a burning sensation pain along with temporary blindness, is another highly effective self-defense tool one can use to fend off attackers. U-Guard supplies pepper sprays from trusted manufacturers. Visit their online store here: uguardsecurityproducts.com.

U-Guard Security has its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, and can offer quick shipping across the United States. U-Guard is a family owned business that truly understands the value and importance of its customers. The company understands that its loyal customers are the reason U-Guard continues to grow, and so they continue to supply them with the quality products that keep them safe.

“We offer many name brand products as well as our own brand of items when we are looking for a better quality product,” the company says. “We are a direct distributor to the consumer. We have removed the middle man so we can offer the best quality items, expert advice, customer service, product warranty and competitive pricing. When you buy from us, we offer free shipping on all US orders, with a limited lifetime warranty and great pricing, along with our customer satisfaction guarantee. We know a happy customer is the only customer. So, our goal is to be dedicated to our business model. We know you have many choices where you can buy from. Our promise to you is that we will work hard to earn your business and loyalty! Try us out and see for yourself, we know you’ll be happy.”

For more information, visit U-Guard Security Products’ website. The company is always happy to help their customers feel safer, and their products have been proven to be a great way to do just that. Find out more by reaching out to their office directly.


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